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Forums - PC Discussion - NVIDIA TITAN V Announced..... $3000

deskpro2k3 said:
so can it play Star Citizen at 30fps? Cause currently the best cards is having trouble with that. lol

That'll remain CIG's fault. ;p


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Well ill be damned. It may be finally time for me to get a gaming pc again lol.



Bristow9091 said:
I mean, I was gonna' spend this money on a mortgage... but fuck it, graphics card instead. Nah, but seriously, why are these things so expensive?! I'm still using a GTX960 which I bought almost two years ago for £150 and it runs everything I play silky smooth at 60fps on high/ultra settings, some games I have to mess with a few things, like turn the AA down etc. but it's good enough for me, lol.

960 nation. I don't plan to get a 1440p or 4k monitor, maybe if I win the lottery.

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Holy molly! What a beast and what a price to match. But this is expected as a promuer card. Anyone who buys this thing only for games has a lot more money than brains.

By the way, CGI, if you want to get two, you'll need to spend another $599 on the SLI bridge:

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As long as there is a market for these....

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This makes me worry a bit about the price of the 1180 or even the ti. Probably gonna skip the HBM on the Geforce again.

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That card is more expensive than my whole rig combined, plus my monitor, plus my other accessories, plus my Switch and 3DS with games included. What the fuck.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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lol not in a million years... $3000 for a card, id rather have a oled screen and have money to spare. so glad im out of pc gaming. a updated console every 2 years or so is nothing compared to every few months.


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