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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite game that you have never owned?

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It makes sense that you would buy a game if you think it is something you are interested but sometimes it does not work out like that. What are your absolute favorite games that you have never owned personally? Maybe it is a game that you played through a rental service. Maybe it was a game you only played when over at a friends house. Maybe it is an arcade game that you could not justify paying thousands of dollars for your own cabinet at home.

In my case my absolute favorite game that I never owned would have to be Super Mario Galaxy. I'm not sure why I never bought it myself. I was a Wii owner since day 1 and bought lots of games for it. I borrowed it from a friend and completed it all the way through. I had a blast and loved every second of it but of course I gave it back. I was surprised like most people when Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced. I bought that one the day it released and even wrote a review for it on this site. I loved SMG 2 as well. I think I liked the first one a bit more just because it was original. I still have my SMG 2 copy. Perhaps if they release an HD port on the Switch of the original Galaxy I will buy that.

Close runnerups are Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. I played them on the VIta and rented them from Gamefly. I'm not even sure why I wanted ot jump in the series in the first place. Both games were awesome, especially Snake Eater. Because of those games I want to play the rest of the series. I bought MGS4 for PS3 for $2 a few months back. I haven't played it yet thought because I wanted to play the original Metal Gear Solid first. I had a hard time, but finally tracked down a used copy of The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube that I will play on the Wii. Maybe I will buy the MGS HD collection on PS3 so I can play Peace Walker as well.

Anyway I went off on a tangent.

Main point is what games do you love but not own?

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One game that I always wish I owned but never bought was XIII, remember the cell shaded/comic book style FPS that released way back in 2003?

I went with my mate to Meadowhall (A large shopping mall here) to buy his PS2 (I already had one and talked him into buying one instead of an XBOX, lol) and he picked this game up with it, along with some others... I watched him play the first two levels when we got back and it looked cool, so when he finished the game I asked if I could lend it, and I REALLY enjoyed it... the gameplay was simple, your generic FPS affair, but the graphics and story were, at least I thought back at the time, great!

Not sure if it holds up at all today, never bothered to think about it, in fact I've only just checked how well it did in terms of reviews and stuff for the first time right now, lol... the game just popped back into my head after reading this thread, lol.

Seiken Densetsu 3 for SNES.

Because Square never bothered releasing it in the west - and it was one of the best jRPGs at the time.

6 playable characters with six endings and 3 final bosses depending on who you choose to play as. Different story routes depending on the selection of 3 out of 6 characters you choose.

The ability to class change and have different builds/types of characters - isnt something you saw normally during its era.



If they release it in the west - the Mana collection for Switch, I will get it :O


But here's hoping they remake it like the first game.

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Lots of games like that. I used to rent so many games, due to of course having no money but being allowed to rent 1 game every weekend. Could have bought every game I played and then some... for example I rented Halo 2 maybe 50-100 times. I finally got the game, and by then we were kind of bored.

I would say FFIV, but that was when I was like 5.

So maybe Vigilante 8 and its sequel. Rented it a bunch, great competitor to Twisted Metal.

Bottom Of The Ninth by Konami for the PS1. I rented it sooooo many times with friends for a solid 2 years. Could have bought it several times over. Close runner-up is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the SNES, for exactly the same reason.

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Don't think I ever owned Turtles in Time on the SNES. Played it loads though, either through rentals or friends.

Never owned Shenmue or the sequel either, but my brother did. I mainly watched him play it, which was gripping. Some great Christmas memories of those two games.

Turbo outrun. I could finish that game in the Arcade in one go. Never got my hands on the pc version, and it would have been a poor substitute for the arcade machine. The one at my local arcade had a moving chair with speakers build in.

Probably Megaman X2

Perhaps Power Stone 2

SvennoJ said:
Turbo outrun. I could finish that game in the Arcade in one go. Never got my hands on the pc version, and it would have been a poor substitute for the arcade machine. The one at my local arcade had a moving chair with speakers build in.

Do you have a 3DS?  They have a 3D version of Outrun on it.