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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's your favorite game that you have never owned?

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Well, looking at my top 50 list, Mario Kart DS looks like it's the only one I've never owned in any form, so it would have to be that. I had friends and family who owned it, but I myself never did.

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The gba fire emblem games I emulated a while ago.


Most DS games, since I flashcarded them

Xillia as well

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this was hard, because I own 12 game consoles and a PC. Then i click on the post, and see mario galaxy. I was just saying how I would like to try that game, now that I own a nintendo console, lol.

Pokémon FireRed.

It's basically just Pokemon LeafGreen but with a couple different Pokemon to catch. So technically I've basically played it, but have never owned it.

Neat way this works huh.

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Still kinda weird to think I never owned it in any way, really. Would buy it on Switch if it came (and I had the system), but as it stands, nah. Can't be bothered with the PC version to be honest.

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my top 50 games

Xenoblade Chronicles, I never owned a Wii but I loved playing at a cousin house

pizzanuggs said:

General Chaos on the Genesis....which I always  call "commander chaos"...

Never owned a Genesis but this was the one game my friend had that really made me want one. Crazy fun multiplayer, even the single player is a pretty fun and weird Action-RTS.

One of my favorite games.  Was the initial reason why I started boycotting EA because they never released a sequel.  Lets just say they have given me many other reasons not to like them.

Cubedramirez said:
There was a Kingdom war/management anime style game for the Saturn that I never found out the name of it that I loved. Wish I could remember the name but all I can remember is hours of stolen time at our local Funcoland.

Was it Dragon Force? Thats a pretty rare Saturn game and it fits at least the criteria you describe. Its very good.

Many Dreamcast and Saturn games, though Segagaga probably takes the cake, with Sega Rally Championship a close second