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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What was the last Wii U game you bought? Any games in 2019?

Xenoblade Chronicles X and Darksiders Warmastered. Still looking into quite a few games. The dying days of a console is the best time to pick up some used gems on cheap prices!

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Darksiders Warmastered

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Axiom Verge is the last downloadable game I bought. It is on sale right now in the eShop.

Last retail game was Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. It was on sale through the eShop around Halloween.

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Why we still talking about Wii U? lol

OT: Bayonetta 2 aka last wii U game I'll ever buy. Put the console to rest a few months ago.

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On the virtual store I got link to the past. Before that smash. Couldn’t really get into Nintendo games anymore though as they’re always too Arcady feeling for me. Great to have if I have 3 friends over who want to play kart or smash but single player I just get bored anymore. That was my first time playing link to the past and it’s probably my second favorite Zelda next to wind waker hd

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it was either wind waker or steam world heist

I got wind water HD with the Nintendo selects back in 2016. I only got that game so I could play wind water again since I lost the GameCube one years ago. Before that it was Xenoblade X but that was an impulse buy. However on the shop I bought Final Fantasy 6 and ice climbers.

There might be A Switch drought coming Q1 2018 so I will use that time to pick up older games that might be on the Wii U.

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Paper Mario: Color Splash. Not a bad game. Just...not what anyone wants from Paper Mario.