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Forums - Website Topics - What year did you join VGC?


What year?

2017 9 7.63%
2016 5 4.24%
2015 11 9.32%
2014 15 12.71%
2013 13 11.02%
2012 4 3.39%
2011 4 3.39%
2010 6 5.08%
2009 4 3.39%
2008 or earlier 47 39.83%
starcraft said:

God he was a great forum member!

2007 for me. Feeling very old.

I've been a sales newb, a contributor, a moderator, gone on hiatus, and now just post occasionally.


You have stuck around till now, so that's what counts :D

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2008 originally.

I joined in 2014. Best year I could've joined in. Lots of transitioning.

I believe in 2008. Think the site was still 1.0 or whatever. White and blue

SegataSanshiro said:
2008 originally.

What was your original account? I saw you bring it up recently and was going to ask, but didn't. Now I have to. :)

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My account says 2007, but I think I was a lurker in 2006.

5th July 2008......... lurked for a year before joining........ i feel like a fossil.

This month after lurking since 2011.

2009, represent.

April 2008, lurked since early 2007.

Was a Moderator for the site for about a year. Then I deployed with the Marines to Afghanistan for a year and gave up moderating.

I think my first friend requests were StarCraft, Kowiniki, and CGI.

Both StarCraft and CGI are major site contributors and I am happy to see some oldtimers still hanging around.