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Forums - Website Topics - What year did you join VGC?


What year?

2017 9 7.63%
2016 5 4.24%
2015 11 9.32%
2014 15 12.71%
2013 13 11.02%
2012 4 3.39%
2011 4 3.39%
2010 6 5.08%
2009 4 3.39%
2008 or earlier 47 39.83%

2007 was a good year

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I may have been a forum reader in late 2011. But, I officially joined/began posting in June 2012.

I joined in 2008.

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It is two years since I came here.

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i’ve mostly been a low key poster, but took a lot of time reading the posts of others. so i remember a lot of the oldies.

one member that comes to mind was called hatmoza. he was entertaining

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I signed up in 2015, but I had been following the site otherwise for several years before that. Can't remember when exactly I first started frequenting here though.


A little bit of posting and a lot of lurking...

I have been a bit more active lately...

2007 was the year with the most high quality VGC-memebers, like *ahem* me.
I think only a few members are from before 2006, from earlier threads like this I remember mrstickball and superchunk were from 2006. But year 007 had the best users!

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I've been following this site for a few years, but I just decided to join in december last year. I made that decision out of boredom, I saw that the DB was finally open to users contributions again, and I thought that help expanding and cleaning it would be a good way to pass time. I've never thought that I would get so involved with this site database and it's community, and now I want to become a game DB admin :)

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Joined last year, been lurking for at least 5 years, can't tell how many years for sure but at least 5 and it's only out of laziness that I did not join earlier.