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Forums - Website Topics - What year did you join VGC?


What year?

2017 9 7.63%
2016 5 4.24%
2015 11 9.32%
2014 15 12.71%
2013 13 11.02%
2012 4 3.39%
2011 4 3.39%
2010 6 5.08%
2009 4 3.39%
2008 or earlier 47 39.83%

I came in 2008. However I didn't get active until early 2009. Honestly looking back at those old posts make me cringe. I hope no one ones to this site at the age of 13.

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January 2008

It will be my tenth year anniversary in two months. I was in the eighth grade at the time -- fourteen years old.

Right now I am twenty-four years old, graduated college, and have a job.

Time sure does fly.

2015, the cool year baby. B-)



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Asking about my age and not offering me a beer, where's the decency? Haha, still with the original Avatar.


2014, lurked for 2 years or so before that too.

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2014, but lurked since 2009 or 2010... so it feels like forver really.

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You have brought out the lurkers.

12. Right?

EDIT: Yes, 2012. Never lurked long before I joined, mustn't have been more than just a couple weeks.

2012, we're an interesting class

I just noticed I joined exactly 10 years ago to this day!