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Avoid Vizio, HDR is terrible. Lg OLED have the best picture, but burn in is a issue. Got rid of my Lg and got a samsung Qled and its pretty close to the Lg quality of HDR.but still not as vibrant. Sony has some nice offering as well. Best bang for the buck is Samsung's Qled line IMO. Most important thing is the quality of the 4k scaler, since majority of what is being viewed is being upscaled. As well as good HDR.

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Go for the best buy a Sony 4K TV

Sony A1E OLED 55"

ThisGuyFooks said:
kowenicki said:

Exactly that (but that would be extreme if that example occurred)

Not experienced any problem with gaming to be honest.  Sports channels and news channels with fixed banners are the main culprits.  But it doesn't last on the new models.

Juts takes a bit of thought and care.  

If you do get a high spec TV please take the time to set it up properly too.  Never ceases to amaze me how many people buy decent TV's and then leave them on factory standard settings, which are universally poor.


LG C7 or Sony A1 for me, but the A1 isn't quite as future proof (yet) and isn't great on SD content.

When you game, what is the longest you have been playing before noticing some kind of Image Retention?

Or when you watch a movie with black bars, do they stay after the movie?

Im so fucking scared of IR!

My Plasmas were a nightmare, i just couldn't play videogames without the thought on my head of burn in.

I had the same problem with my panny plasma when TV was still mostly 4:3 content. The black bars on the side were clearly a different shade when actual 16:9 content came on. I set it to zoom for 4:3 content and after a few months it was finally not noticeable anymore.

It's not only the burn-in that kept me back from OLED. Longevity is a big one as the tv is used by everyone and can be on more than 10 hours per day. OLED screens fade over time to 50% brightness from day 1. Also ABL didn't sound that great. C7: Good HDR peak brightness, a little brighter than the LG B6 and C6. Although the TV gets very dim when showing a pure white window due to its Automatic Brightness Limiter (ABL) I'm pretty sensitive to these light output changes, distracting.

kowenicki said:

ir/burn in topic

We from LG say burn-in is not a problem. Hmm yeah.

meanwhile at

The C7P OLED TV is prone to image retention just like previous models. Fortunately, the image retention is less strong than what we have measured on 2016 LG OLED TVs.


If you find out that your TV has some image retention after playing video games over a long time for example, there is a function in the 'Picture settings' page, under 'OLED Panel Settings' named 'Pixel Refresher' that will 'recalibrate' the screen to get rid of any imprinted images that may still visible. This procedure lasts around one hour and the TV needs to be shut off for it to work. This can usually take care of any image retention.

Another feature is also available on the same settings page named 'Screen Shift' that will 'move' the screen slightly (you can't really notice it) to make the image retention less problematic. For our test, this feature was turned on but there is still some image retention.

Anyway the price made the final decision as I could afford the 65" 900E. 65" C7 was out of my range and frankly not worth the price difference imo. If it was just for watching movies in a dark room, I would go for OLED no doubt. Yet as a general purpose tv, I'm very satisfied with LED. OLED in PSVR looks great though! 

The sony 4k sets are fairly fantastic.

Good news for you is you can get a pretty op class 4k TV for under $1000 now.

I'm personally probably going to wait until the ps5 before I get one. Because by then all the features I need perfected will be available on a set for under $1000. Currently the standard of tv I want costs 2-3k and they've still not perfected everything.

Still though you will love what they have to offer now so fire away!

LG 55SJ8000

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Mine was good price and performance when I bought... Sony 65" X850C, Lovely TV

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Id go with Samsung 4k however if you can purchase LGs OLED than definitely go with that if price isnt an option. Any model beyond 2016 so you get the good HDR and tech.
Pro probably isnt worth the 4k jump. Its average resolution is 1440p. If you had the X than its more necessary to own a 4k screen. If you are just buying a 4k screen for the Pro id probably just wait for a really good sale.

I own a KS8000 2016 Samsung and its colours are amazing plus affordable. 

The way I see it when I compared all the TVs before I made my purchase, if you want the best Darks go the LG OLEDS, if you want the better Bright's go with Samsung's ULEDS. For gaming I much prefer the bright colours hence my purchase. Samsung still has some of the best engineered LED TV options out there while with OLED, LG seems to hold that crown.

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For Christmas my husband and I have decided to offer ourselves a brand new 4K TV. Problem is, I'm not sure what to lookout for besides price and width. What brands are considered good or bad? What other options should I be asking for? Any electronics pros out there have anything to recommend?

Also is the PS4 Pro upgrade worth it once you've got a 4K TV?

I have the LG65C7V


The IR problem isn't really a problem on these 2017 OLED models as far as I have experienced.  The 2017's  7 series are quite a bit better than the 6 series of 2016 so don't be tempted to go budget for a previous year model.

The LG's use the same panel throughout the model range by the way.  So the C7 has the same panel as the W7 despite being half the price , still not cheap but worth every penny imo.  They also supply the panels for other manufacturers sets.


How can we be sure a 2017 won't have any issue related to this if for most customers it had very low use (yes factory test can discover some cases, but they can't really rule out the possibility 100%)

duduspace11 "Well, since we are estimating costs, Pokemon Red/Blue did cost Nintendo about $50m to make back in 1996"

Mr Puggsly: "Hehe, I said good profit. You said big profit. Frankly, not losing money is what I meant by good. Don't get hung up on semantics"

Bought the Sony 55" X900E from Amazon.

-Sony Z9D

Next Best
-Sony X930/940E
-Sony A1E

Runners Up

Getting By
-Sony X900E
-Sony X850E
-Samsung Q9F
-Samsung Q7F

That is my take on current TVs. I wouldn't go any lower than the Getting By list. Worth it to save and wait to get a TV that can do proper HDR.

I personally prefer Full Array Local Dimming over OLED, because the peak brightness is much higher in a good TV, and the black levels are still very impressive.

I choose the Z9D over the A1E or the W7P/G7P. For me the unmatched peak brightness and true white, with near perfect blacks, was a bigger draw than perfect blacks, with underwhelming peak brightness, and yellow looking whites.

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