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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than PC?

I like consoles but my biggest gripe with them is loading times. On PC they are almost non existent while on consoles it is no unordinary thing to have 1 or even 2 min loading times, na mean. I will never forget the horrors of playing the Mass Effect trilogy on PS3.

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flashfire926 said:
curl-6 said:

For me the main draw of consoles is simple convenience; I plug it into my TV, and it plays. I don't need to worry about drivers, upgrading parts, tinkering under the hood or any of that, which is frankly all Greek to me since I'm not computer-savvy.


And also, I like leaning back and relaxing on the couch rather than hunching forward in a chair.

I am a huge fan of racing games, and the analog sticks are much more suitable for that than mouse and keyboard.

You can also attach a PC to the TV and use xbox controllers or whatever controller you like. The PC give you way more options how to play your games.

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I used to be mostly a pc gamer, started to play more on consoles in ps2/gc/xbox era, consoles became my dominant game time with ps3/360, now PC is a distant 3rd.

Consoles are simply more relaxing to me.

- It's the interface I will always associate with work and stress.
- Email and other distractions are always right there. Some programs will even force your game to the background to grab your attention.
- Keyboard and mouse is not suitable to reclining on a couch.
- No guaranteed performance level, it might run great first, then slow down in a later chapter or after a patch or just because windows is downloading an update or re-indexing or something... (fuck svchost and your cpu/ram usage)
- Specific bugs for your gpu/cpu combination that might not be easily fixed.
- No physical games in stores.

- Fast to turn on, infrequent updates, get into the games fast.
- Easier to move between displays, just need power cable and hdmi present at each location.
- No graphics settings to worry about, just play the game.
- If there's a problem, you bet everyone has that problem and it will be fixed or a workaround is easily found on the internet.
- My taste in gaming is also better aligned with consoles nowadays. Exclusives still matter, they're more polished, better balanced, more complete at launch, heck they actually have a launch instead of this early access or ongoing development.

The last major game I played on PC (my laptop) was Elite Dangerous. I played that for 9 months, yet with patches and upgrades it became unplayable on my laptop, dropping below 10 fps and taking 30 sec to load a map screen. Yet I wouldn't want to play that on console since there is so much downtime you kinda need alt-tab to keep yourself entertained...

Simple easy to use pick up and play. Seems to be more of a community imo and also has great exclusive software and dedicated developers.

Pc is great I use mine a lot and you can get the best versions of games depending on spec. But a console will always be the most popular option.

Imo if next gen provides 4k/60 then there's no point of a pc then, as games would have reached a point where spending an extra £300 on a GPU won't net much of a differences

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I like both but consoles usually have better exclusives and in the case of Switch also brings you way more flexibility.

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Azzanation said:

Its not. Majority of console gamers cant afford top tier PCs for the ultimate experience.
Its like them trying to say a 2017 3 series BMW is better than a 2017 7 series BMW. Because they can only afford the 3 series so it becomes there baby.

Sure. As a PC gamer, you can choose to pour time and money into handbuilding a rig with more power but surveys have shown that the majority of Steam users have weaker PC's than PS4. According to you, is that also because they can't afford an expensive rig? Or could it simply be because people have loads of fun on their console/weaker PC and don't see the need to buy new hardware to make it look prettier?

For me personally, your claim could not be further from the truth. I have an old (but gold) PC rig but I'm busy with life and I find myself more often than not choosing to play on one of my consoles when I want to relaxe for a few hours. I'm up and running in seconds. That has nothing to do with not being able to afford an expensive PC rig. My income is high.

Besides, I remember reading somewhere that the total spending between console and PC gamers is pretty close because the average console gamer spends more money on games and less on hardware whereas the average PC gamer spends less money on games and more on hardware. And maybe that's a good thing as games like The Witcher 3 wouldn't exist without the high income from consoles.

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It's mostly two way street Lewis - and those attacks, from what I've usually seen, mostly come from PC gamers that are into PCs for last 10 or so years and feel that powah is the most important thing about PC gaming.

I never called myself PC gamer, though I mostly play on PC, but I have no problem calling myself (primarily) computer gamer, since that's my backgorund - C64, Amiga, PC (since '95) - and I do it mostly for genres - computers are home of P&C adventures and war strategies, 2 genres I've been playing since early 80s - plus, computers were always home of what was called back in days "bedroom/garage developers", and now it's called indies.

Of course, cheaper game prices, mods, enormous library, backward/forward compatibility, (relatively) easy upgrading, kb/m controls and (finally) option to tune the gfx settings to your liking are all nice to have as well.

To answer the OP, I choose to play on my consoles more often than on my PC, simply because I'm reaching the goal faster which is to sit back in my couch and have fun. My time is limited. I don't want to waste it on not having fun.


As Peter Tran puts it:

1. Buy game
2. Put game in
3. Play game

1. Check to see if your hardware will be up to it
2. Buy the game
3. Put the game in
4. Find out that the disc has no data on it
5. Download and install the game through some DRM software
6. Run the game
7. Game crashes on loading of the main menu
8. Spend a few hours on the internet to figure out why
9. Figure out that it's a specific issue with a certain program you have
10. Uninstall that program
11. Run the game
12. Configure all your graphical settings to make sure it runs well
13. Study the controls and configure the keyboard
14. Start the game
15. Game breaks
16. Spend a few hours on the internet to figure out why
17. Find out that it's a bad port
18. Wait for a patch
19. One week later install patch
20. Play game
21. Find out it's horribly optimized
22. Turn down graphics settings to minimum
23. Play game locked at console settings anyway

- Using keyboard + mouse instead of a controller makes a lot of games nearly unplayable.
- My laptop is probably not powerful enough to play a lot of games. But I don't want to spend a lot of money on hardware, and I    don't know much about technological stuff.
- Lack of Nintendo games.

-So much more simpler to buy a console and that's your gaming platform sorted for 5-8 years without having to modify anything.
-less space taken up in house
-no need for keyboards and mouse
-more reliable
-No Need for a monitor
-pretty much all my friends own consoles and not PCs so more sociable online (in my case)

-Console exclusive games are better

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