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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than PC?

Also I don't see much advantage in buying physical copy for console games anymore since now more and more games are dependent on updates: so what you bought you game put the physical media on console then you discover there are 10+GB of updates to download?

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Ruler said:

Being a PC gamer only last generation when everyone was bitching how PC gaming is dying and me defending PC gaming in forums like gamespot etc.,...

Can you show us some of these old posts in these forums? I have a hard time to believe that, especially with your lack of understanding (or deliberate false statements about) PC hardware and Windows and Steam and a lot of other PC stuff over the last years.

Ruler said:

...i can tell you why i gravitated from one extreme to another in this generation and now doing the duty for console gaming.

And even IF your claim is true that you once were a PC gamer talking shit about console gaming and trolling console fans... that is the saddest excuse I ever heard about talking shit about PC gaming and trolling PC fans the following years.

That ain't the right way to make up for wrongdoings of the past; two wrongs don't make a right.


Ruler said:

And keep in mind when i gamed on PC the best single graphicscard was a GTX 480 which costed 450€ when it launched, a GtX 980 cost what? 800€? Nvidia is now dilebrity locking out their top of the line graphicscard with their titans for over 2000€, which only ultra rich people can afford.

And again false prices (let's call them exaggerations)

The GTX 480 costed $499 / €479 when it launched, not €450:

The GTX 980 costed $549 / €538 when it launched, not €800:

If you confused it with the GTX 980 Ti: that one costed $649 / €739 (the Euro was on its lowest point that time) when it launched , not €800:

And where are these Titans for over €2000?  They are expensive (and not worth their money IMHO), but they were never THAT expensive.

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For one, I love console for the tech side of thing. The way they innovate to cram as much power into such small boxes. The XBox One X, for example, is a really nice piece of tech that's been very well thought.

The PS4 and original XBO were cool, but they were no tech marvels. They played it safe. The only thing that was surprising was Sony's use of GDDR5 for all of the PS4's RAM instead of a combination of DDR3 and GDDR5.

Also, the convenience of consoles. Plug it, turn it on, and you're ready to go. Games all run as they're intended to.

I love PC gaming, and do game on that as well, but I simply prefer the hassle free aspect of console.

I've always been a console gamer first, and probably always will be.

Simplicity and Nintendo.

I don't think I need to explain why I included "Nintendo". Fact is, only Nintendo consoles have Nintendo games.

As for simplicity, I don't want to worry about the hardware or its ability to support the software or controllers, etc. I just want to plug it in and play a game. Then when technology wants to advance, I just buy one simple piece of hardware and associated games. No need to spend time determining the best upgrade/build/PC to be suitable for the next X years.

I prefer a lot of games that I can only play on consoles, such as Persona 5 and Super Mario Odyssey.

PC is definitely my preferred platform when it comes to most third party stuff though, especially first person shooters.

"Just for comparison Uncharted 4 was 20x bigger than Splatoon 2. This shows the huge difference between Sony's first-party games and Nintendo's first-party games."

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Lawlight said:
Pemalite said:

I don't share that perspective... The vast majority of console games are on PC anyway.

529 Playstation 3 games are now playable on PC. And that is playable from start to finish.
Only a matter of time before the entire library can be run. ;)

To put that in perspective... That is the equivalent of 32% of the entire Playstation 4 game Library, come a long way, huh?
Here is Xenoverse running:

I checked that PS3 emulator page - only 17.88% of the PS3 games are playable. I checked some Sony first parties - Uncharted, The Last of Us, Killzone, Heavy Rain - not playable. I checked Tales of Symphonia because that’s I am playing at the moment and it’s marked as playable. However, when checking the thread and:

Movie : Slow
Graphic : Slow
Music : Work
SaveGame : Not Work
LoadGame : ???

This is what counts as playable? 

Like 90% of PS3 games are multplats also available on PC with better visuals and frame rates than PS3.

With this in mind, is only worth emulating the PS3 exclusives which are the minority, mainly the 1st parties.

So maybe these 500 or so games are the ones that are not available on PC and thus the focus must be put on.

BasilZero said:

Both sides have arguments.

Console wise - first party support, buying pre-made hardware easy set up, early release date games

PC wise - Forward Compatibility, cheaper digital prices/better deals, free online MP

Neither is better or worse than the other, both have strengths and weaknesses.

Though for me the primary reason to get a console is for First party support.

This.  First party for me in the primary reason I like consoles.  The second being plug it in, turn on, no hassle play.  Third being ecosystem, though this is only with the Playstation brand.

PC's have their strengths and I do have perhaps the same if not more gaming hours on them (though only because I have sunk 10s of thousands of hours into less than a handful of games).  

So though I do play PC games, selectively, I have several orders of magnitude more console games.

A warrior keeps death on the mind from the moment of their first breath to the moment of their last.

Ease of use is one of the main advantages. Also the fact that Nintendo games are locked behind their console paywall. 1st party exclusives in general another reason, but as it turns out I could care less for what Sony and Microsoft are offering in that regard.

Current gaming platforms - Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, New 3DS, PC

Yes I do.

I've never hated PC Gaming, though when I was growing up, PC gaming meant something totally different. Now you have almost every major release on consoles AND PC. Back the day, they were mostly very separate. I like classic PC gaming a lot actually. But I grew up with an NES, and I've always preferred relaxing on my couch or in my bed, etc., playing games on a big TV.

I will say, that I think a "limited", set hardware can be a really good thing for games also, because in some cases, it forces developers to be creative and extra focused in taking advantage of that hardware, and making the best game they can on THAT hardware, instead of ever-improving top PC specs, where they can literally just throw hardware power at a game, and built it with the highest end in mind. That is a blanket statement of course, but I do think console restrictions often forces developers to be more creative or inventive with their projects, or how they approach their projects, etc.