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Ruler said:

Being a PC gamer only last generation when everyone was bitching how PC gaming is dying and me defending PC gaming in forums like gamespot etc.,...

Can you show us some of these old posts in these forums? I have a hard time to believe that, especially with your lack of understanding (or deliberate false statements about) PC hardware and Windows and Steam and a lot of other PC stuff over the last years.

Ruler said:

...i can tell you why i gravitated from one extreme to another in this generation and now doing the duty for console gaming.

And even IF your claim is true that you once were a PC gamer talking shit about console gaming and trolling console fans... that is the saddest excuse I ever heard about talking shit about PC gaming and trolling PC fans the following years.

That ain't the right way to make up for wrongdoings of the past; two wrongs don't make a right.


Ruler said:

And keep in mind when i gamed on PC the best single graphicscard was a GTX 480 which costed 450€ when it launched, a GtX 980 cost what? 800€? Nvidia is now dilebrity locking out their top of the line graphicscard with their titans for over 2000€, which only ultra rich people can afford.

And again false prices (let's call them exaggerations)

The GTX 480 costed $499 / €479 when it launched, not €450:

The GTX 980 costed $549 / €538 when it launched, not €800:

If you confused it with the GTX 980 Ti: that one costed $649 / €739 (the Euro was on its lowest point that time) when it launched , not €800:

And where are these Titans for over €2000?  They are expensive (and not worth their money IMHO), but they were never THAT expensive.

Last edited by Conina - on 14 November 2017