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This console has stock sitting in store shelves on launch day. I expect it to be readily available and have zero issues with getting this if you want it. Having them in large quantities just sitting around on launch day isn't a great sign.

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I ordered a second unit from just tonight (Scorpio). Luckily, it's available at a local store to me but out of stock at other stores in my city (Mississauga ON). I guess someone didn't pick up a pre-order.

NawaiNey said:
Amazon has has both XB1X, and the limited scorpio editions in stock.
You know it's bad when you can't even get rid of the "limited edition" stock.


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    DirtyP2002 said:
    RJ_Sizzle said:
    I believe Europe got more limited shipments. Some of these aren't Xbox-centric territories, so they're testing the waters. Also, I don't think there's going to be Black Friday deals for the console, it's brand new.

    I agree, but there will be lots of deals for 4k TVs, which might really help Xbox one X.




    In the USA, during the holiday season, Target usually does a 1-4 day category wide sale in electronics that allows you to get consoles at 10-15% off.  PS4 Pro was available last year at 15% off, for example.  Only brands like Apple and Beats, who often disallow discounting, are excluded.  Target also sometimes does a 1 day storewide sale.  So, there very likely will be opportunities to get X1X on sale.  

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    Just checked availability at local retailers online. 2/4 Gamestop's closest to me are sold out now. Best Buy has just a couple left. Walmart still has some stock. Target is sold out.

    And Amazon still hasn't gotten rid of the limited edition project Scorpio stock.

    NawaiNey said:
    And Amazon still hasn't gotten rid of the limited edition project Scorpio stock.

    Yep, I know. I actually got one. I went back in forth but the BC is big for me. Given the age of my 360 and the fact still have my 360 and OG Xbox games. My controller is busted though -_-

    NawaiNey said:
    And Amazon still hasn't gotten rid of the limited edition project Scorpio stock.

    Looks gone to me besides the ones selling at way higher price from 3rd parties. Even the standard x is sold out till new shipments come in 1-2 days.

    Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

    halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

    x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.

    Targets in California usually have a couple in stock. Target Glendale has 2 right now. They are selling well but not sold out because $500 price is steep for some people. Great system though.