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Another update the 2 Walmart and game stop has a lot in stock Dec 2

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d21lewis said:

Went to my local grocery store. They were sold out. Had plenty of milk, though.

Were they offering a discount on the milk?

Lespaul said:
Another update the 2 Walmart and game stop has a lot in stock Dec 2

That's very good news. On Amazon, the X has sold out twice since Cyber Monday, yet keeps climbing on the Best Sellers chart, so having stock available is important.

No lack of stock here in Ireland

ughh..... looking there one of the bundles comes with a reduction to ARK, can't imagine buying 6teraflops of power and getting it unboxed to see it stumbling through that unoptimized game, really seeing that come down to 15fps on the X in the digital foundry video made me think MS should have stepped in and told them to either fix that a bit or fuck off with it.


For comparison sake

Both Grey and Neon are like this, the only way to get the system is with the Mario Odyssey bundle.

The X isn't actually listed in the top search terms on the site.

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