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As mentioned above, mine also displays strange.  Also on Mac OS.

And for the flag display for the first column, just have USA & Canada? avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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So, I just noticed a couple of things.

First, daylight saving time has some... issues, I think. Daylight saving time just ended here, uh, I think 2.5 hours ago, but the post I posted just a moment ago still shows the time as it would be if daylight saving time was still active. Disabling 'Adjust for DST' from my settings doesn't seem to help either. Judging by a quick look at the requests my browser makes, it looks like the pages are rendered server-side, so fixing this could possibly be a bit nasty, no? Anyway, now you know about this issue, if you didn't already.

Second, when opening the 'Website Topics' section, this thread shows 49 pages of messages. However, clicking on the last one brings me to VGChartz front page. If I open the first page of the thread instead, it's all good, but then it shows there's only 26 pages of content. I suspect it's because I've probably changed my posts per page setting, which the thread view itself respects but the 'Website Topics' section does not.