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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Where do you all go for video game news?

First time signing onto here in years to see what's up. I never had an account on neogaf, but i browsed it nearly every day to keep up with the industry. After the recent debacle, I have no idea where to turn to to keep up with things. Where do you guys keep a pulse on what's happening in the industry? Just here?

P.S. Hi to everyone who remembers me. It's been a long time. I'm actually surprised to see that most of my old friends on this site are still active.

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I generally come here for news, actually! Or Dualshockers when I update my thread.

vgcharts covers it all for me.

Used to go to vg247 (is actually how I found vgc), but no point now when I can just check the latest topics page here to see if there's anything interesting.

Edit: Actually that's not entirely true. I go direct to source for FM/EU news, since it never gets posted on VGC anyways

Here/since I'm only interested mainly in Nintendo news:

Reddit, Youtube, Twitter. Bits and pieces from everywhere except Neogaf.

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Here,and in several youtube channels that i am subscribed.

Wow I havn't seen you in forever. Haha. Still waiting for Zelda?

Anyway I go to Reddit,Vgchartz (Where Shikamo posts all of the news), and gonintendo.

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The optimal way. Follow people/sites on Twitter.

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Either here or the former GAF. Forums are always a great aggragator for hot news.

I had just some tabs open to some sites including some threads on neogaf.