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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Where do you all go for video game news?

Lawlight said:
If I want Nintendo news, I come to VGchartz. For Sony news, I use the official blogs.

What about Microsoft news?!?!?

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Yeah, I mostly go here for all my gaming news, as people will have threads and discussions all about them. So there's no need for me to look anywhere else

There's also youtube... Some channels I follow post up gaming news, so that's nice.



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Usually here or neogaf. Guess if gaf doesn’t come back, I’ll be here exclusively. Might even try gamespot again after a 20 year hiatus.

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Here. It's like a hub for gaming news because people get their news from a variety of sources and post it here.

I been using Twitter for news more and more. Seems most direct

Either from here or right from the source (Nintendo Direct, PSX, E3, etc.). I don't use Twitter and don't use Reddit or Youtube for gaming stuff.

If it's a small thing that doesn't get a conference, post it here and help me out!

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