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Forums - Sales Discussion - September 2017 NPD Thread! Switch #1

Aight, Ill be back in 9 days

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FIT_Gamer said:
So everyone so far expects the PS4 to outsell the Switch?

Not me, Switch did pretty well compared to the PS4 on Amazon for the month of Septemeber.

SNES Classic: #5
Switch (neon): #15
Xbox One X: #16*
Switch (grey): #32
PS4 Uncharted 4 bundle: #47
PS4 Pro: #65
PS4 Pro 1TB Destiny 2 bundle: #68
New 2DS XL (Black & Turquoise): #79

Although it was mostly the last week were the Switch was in stock on Amazon and I don't where NPD cuts off.

Switch got 2 relatively big games in September, so its sales will be good. Of course, PS4 will win worldwide due to FIFA, but I think it will be very close in the US. Since most people are predicting PS4 to win, I'll go for Switch.

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LipeJJ said:

I'm not sure. I guess PS4 should win this month and Switch will win October?


Why?, Switch outsold the PS4 last month and Switch supply has only improved since then, It should be an easy victory for the Switch

The Switch seemed to have less supply issues at the end of the month. We can now see the demand it has more clearly. No doubt the month should have higher sales.

Also the SNES mini will dominate all. Sega where is your Genesis mini? Take that SEGA fanboys. The 16 bit wars never ended.

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snes mini > ps4 > switch > xb1 > 3ds > wiiu > vita


One between PS4 and Switch will of course win, but i believe they are gonna be super close.

SNES > PS4 = Switch > XB1 imo