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Inflation does not matter. What matters is sticker shock. This is why games haven't risen since the 80's... because we have a perception of what a game should cost. If they started charging $80.00 per game, a lot of people would quit buying them.

The only solution is to start making cheaper games if they can't make the money they want to make. Nintendo does a good job of this so it's possible.

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d21lewis said:
I bought killer instinct n64 for like $80 back in 1997.

This is when Canadian prices were waaayyyy out of whack, but I paid $137 ( with sales tax ) for Phantasy Star 2 on the Genesis in 1989. We've had some crazy fluctuations up here.

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TallSilhouette said:
Give them an inch, they'll take a mile. Why is it the biggest, most successful publishers pleading poverty and saying they have to pull all this shit to turn a profit? No one forced game budgets to become astronomical. If it's really too difficult to recoup such an exorbitant investment then scale your budget down. Letting the WB's and Activisions of the world charge more for the base game won't stop them from having microtransactions and season passes, it'll just be one more surcharge they exploit.

It still amazes me to this day, that hardly any of the big publishers have an accountant on their end, to point out "yo, you guys are spending an exorbitant amount on just marketing/exclusive deals than actually spending it on the game, cut down on that useless crap".


Too late, some publishers make too much money off Microtransactions to ever abandon the practice

Don't they already?

When I open the psn store in Canada, this is what there is

$60 is CAD 74.80

Ofcourse you can click through and get the base editions for CAD 80, which is still too much for a digital download.

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No, we would still had DLCs and microtransactions dispite higher price point for games.

If you are a PS4, Xbox one or a PC gamer you just have to wait about 6 months after release or even BF to find good deals (sometimes even less)

But if you are a Nintendo Only gamer, you are screwed.

I don't think so I always buy my games for around 50$ at release day and if I waited one or two days after release date I can get it for around 40$ and this is from legal shops which they get their supply of games from Sony middle east itself the seller even told me they get the new games for around 30$ and sometimes 40$ depends on the game and for the old games ( 2 or 3 months old ) they get it for 10 to 15$ so I think even if they sell it at 40$ as one member said before they still get profit.

I've always thought games are under priced, everything else has gone up in price over time, games should too.

invetedlotus123 said:

Developers and publishers are facing more and more difficulty to make a profit from games, leading the industry into the path of very questionable practices like in-disk DLC, microtransactions, in game ads and etc.

I have yet to see a single piece of actual proof for that. And I don't mean inflation charts either. I mean actual numbers that proof that a game that sells millions fails to make a profit at 60$.

As far as I'm concerned, all of the crappy behaviours that big game publishers exhibit, especially microtransactions in full price games as well as Lootbox gambling aren't born out of neccessity, but greed. They are making profits, but it could be mooooore profits.