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Nem said:
I disagree. She does have reasons to complain. The whole "emails" and the wikileaks "scandal" that was an actual nothing burger really lowered her popularity and most probably cost her the election.

Of course, her biggest problem was a messaging one. But she does have reason to complain.

What about the access hollywood tape? Scandals go around and come around.

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KLAMarine said:
She did win the popular vote but didn't get into the White House. That puzzles me to this day.

She ran up the score in California. Trump won the same way Obama won the primaries in 2008, which was  by focusing on the right states (Hillary won the PV during the 2008 primaries).

Made a bet with LipeJJ and HylianYoshi that the XB1 will reach 30 million before Wii U reaches 15 million. Loser has to get avatar picked by winner for 6 months (or if I lose, either 6 months avatar control for both Lipe and Hylian, or my patrick avatar comes back forever).

I don't care what people say about Hillary. I truly believe she would have been a great president, despite the bs opposition she would have had to put up with from the Republicans just because she was a Democratic president (just like Obama had to endure to no end). Her losing this election speaks more about the American public than anything about her if they either favored the most unqualified candidate in history (Trump) or would have rather not voted at all just because their original pick (Sanders) didn't get the nom. This current presidency is the saddest and most dangerous thing to happen to our country in a very long time, and it will take decades to overcome the damage Trump has and will cause our democracy.

Hiku said:

I like how she blames Bernie for "making it harder to unify progressives".

That's what happens when you abuse the fact that you've been the only real choice for progressives, so you only agree on maybe 15% of the issues that real progressives are interested in, and then someone else introduces a choice that coincides with your views a lot more.

Hopefully we'll never see her trying to run again.

To be honest, there could have easily been another viable candidate but the DNC basically gave her, and exclusively her, the attention instead of actually letting other candidates speak on their platforms. if Bernie didn't have his grass roots movement, she would have gotten the nomination from the get go. I am not saying thats necessarily a good thing...she had to change her stances several times in hope to get voters back on her side from Bernie.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:
LadyJasmine said:

I am getting a bit sick and tired of Hillary Clinton blaming everyone else...You lost against a supposed No body in 2008 and getting worn down by a 70-year-old Socialist and got beaten by the worst candidate in US history...

Its rather simple, Hillary was playing poker against a guy ( Trump) who had to get a royal flush and was lighting himself on fire every other day and simply had to win with a pair... and she still lost.

In the end,  her campaign made a fatal tactical made a stupid decision to not campaign in the Rust belt hard enough and if she did, she would have been President... simple as that.

It is rather Telling how tone deaf Hillary Clinton is as she has lower poll numbers than Trump and Trump are just pathetically bad.


She even loses in defeat it seems ....



What was your vote?

If I believe correctly she lives in Canada 

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Who cares! Move on. You guys are really getting a kick out of someone who lost an election getting angry. She's the least of our worries at this moment.

It was everyone else fault. Hillary did nothing wrong. She was perfect.

The whole thing between her and Sanders was really silly. I would say that is what caused it. A lot of division was caused when the party became split between her and Sanders in that weird reality TV show thing they called a "primary" which did heavy damage to the unity of Democrat party voters. A lot of Democrat voters are, unfortunately, very childish, so when the pony they voted for doesn't win, they turn their back on the whole party even if it means the Republicans will win the real election. The big problem was the Bernie Bros took the loss way too personaly, and instead of supporting their party, they bought into all the anti-Clinton propaganda - much of it from the enemy Republican camp. Very little of the arguments were even about policy, it was about popularity, it became extremely stupid; an embarrassment to democracy.

On the other hand, Republicans still backed their party even if their pony didn't win their own reality TV show primary thing.

It was kind of sad to see the US descend into so much stupidity. I have read up extensively on the two parties, and Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were clearly much more qualified than Trump and the Republicans. There's a lot of environmental damage occurring right now because of the US, in addition, US military has been murdering people on orders of Trump in the Middle East as he ramps up more military forces to keep stability down, and militant fanaticism up. The US is becoming an enemy of civilization under Trump. I know not all of the US is at fault, but it seems the enemy has their shit more together than the good guys.

Nowadays, the core of the Republican Party is turning into Pro-Confederate white nationalists whose values can be described as hateful and evil. If there was another American civil war, I wouldn't be surprised if a portion of the Americans refused to support their country because Bernie Sanders lost some kind of vote-contestant-off reality TV show.

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bonzobanana said:
The older you get the more you realise the type of people who want to be politicians should never be allowed to be politicians. I still see Hilary as the lesser evil of the two but accept my perspective here in the UK would not give me the complete picture. Diplomacy is a delicate business and I have less confidence in Trump stopping me getting irradiated than any previous president. I honestly think Hilary could do a better job of it of dealing with North Korea and the destabilising of that region that may lead to global tensions.

Sometimes a candidate comes along that is so poor and you have respect for the intelligence of voters that you feel you will win easily. Perhaps Hilary made that assumption.

Yeah, genuine people actually go out and make a difference. Only a few people who enter politics actually improve those around them.



OT- the elections are irrelevant. Surprised people still talk about it. Hillary and the dumpsters on r/t_d will probably be mentioning her loss during 2048 for christ's sake.

It's kind of sad how her and Trump were the only options. No one truly won in the end