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Nem said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

There's nothing wrong with "making your own"  version of something as long as there is enough talent to realize it. 


OP : Very weird this was even made. Kind of expected it to be crap. Death Note already isn't the best source material as it is. 

I disagree. Unless you actually know the source material in and out and respect it, you have no place making your own version of it.

This movie is an insult to the source material.

I agree with that.

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foodfather said:
Netflix produced ( not picked up after successful festival run) movies are absolutely shite. They are just abysmal. This is no suprise to me.

Rule in my book, if its got a netflix logo, avoid it like the plague.

Castlevania is a rare exception.

Didn't like the Asian live action films lol. I guess there is no hope for me liking this one? Well I can't pass judgement until I've seen it.

Nem said:
Not surprising. When directors/writers/producers set off to make their own version of an established frachise, things always end in disaster.

Hollywood always thinks their screenwriters can do a better job of things.... instead of just useing the source material (be that anime or book).

When a story is good, and beloved.... dont f*** around with it, just make a screen adaptation.

It happends so often you would think they would know better.

curl-6 said:
Zekkyou said:

I don't even understand how they could mess it up this much. They have a manga, anime, and Japanese live action film series to take reference from, and clear evidence that the series is already easily digestible by a western audience. It should have been average at worst.

It should have been easy to get right, I agree, but I never underestimate the ability of Hollywood/Netflix/etc to mangle foreign media adaptions. I think the problem is that they deeply underestimate the ability of Western audiences to enjoy media from other cultures, try to make it more Western, and as a result miss the point of the original.

I understand what they're thinking.  They want another teen horror series, so they make attractive characters a priority.  They try to make it "accessible" so they bland it down and take away parts they think teenagers won't get.  What they end up with is a vanilla vehicle that only resembles the original on the outside.  They're just using the popularity of the original in order to create something else of their own but with a dash of added name recognition.  It's devious.  That's why I never get hyped about this kind of thing.  It's simple exploitation.

Also, have you seen SPEC 2?  Watching Erika play a rude, awkward, and unkempt detective-savant was pretty amazing.  One of my favorite series ever.

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lol, i wouldn't watch this piece of shit movie even if it had good reviews it's just not meant for the fans but for people who don't even give a shit about it so it's rightfully deserved to fail either way.

I'd rather watch the Japanese live action films unsubbed, i wouldn't understand a word of what they are saying but at least i know that i'm actually watching Death Note.

Aeolus451 said:
Nem said:

I disagree. Unless you actually know the source material in and out and respect it, you have no place making your own version of it.

This movie is an insult to the source material.

I agree with that.

I agree with that too... so... that doesnt really change the fact that you could make your own version of something if you are talented and knowledgeable

Too worthless to live, too scared to die. 

I'll watch it, but I have zero expectations. Nothing about it felt like an improvement on the source material.

I love the IGN review you can see before the "read full review"

With better actors and a better script the movie could have been great.

Wow, no shit. That could be said about every single movie ever.

The worst part is that its the best freaking score. A 70, when you say the movie needs better actors and a better script.

I just watched the anime a couple of weeks ago and it was really awesome (well at least until L dies).
I was looking forward to watch this Netflix adaption of the anime (especially after the original DN directors praised this adaption) but now after the reviews I am disappointed... It's really shameful to see how Hollywood can ruin such a good anime. :/