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Forums - Sports Discussion - NBA offseason is wild

I thought I read somewhere that Ian Clark was headed to Chicago. And seeing as how they spent money, (something they have little of now) to get Bell at the 38th pick, I doubt they'd just let him go. If they're going to make cuts, I think it would be Looney and/or McAdoo.
And JaVale hasn't resigned just yet, he's still scheduled to meet with the Clippers. Would be a shame if the Warriors let him walk, I think he's the best center they've had in a while, better than Zaza, Bogut, or Ezeli.

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Now the rumor mill is swirling that Marc Gasol could be on the move.
To either the Spurs or the Celtics to be exact.

Rudy Gay is now a San Antonio Spur!

Kelly Olynyk is now part of the heat.

Vince Carter has also signed with the kings. This season is shaping up to be wild

Edit: Oops wrong thread! LOL
But yeah, NBA season is promising indeed. And by that I mean the West.

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Well, I'm a Knicks fan.

I'm so sorry.

robzo100 said:
Well, I'm a Knicks fan.

The Knicks will probably be bad enough to not reach the playoffs in a dead eastern conference

Yeah, they just don't stick with a philosophy for long enough, probably the result of their commander-in-chief James Dolan who has been notorious for interfering with the general managers and not letting them input their vision.

- They overpaid massively for Carmelo Anthony
- They didn't support the Jeremy Lin and Mike D'antoni combo
- They got Phil Jackson and then fired him after only two years, and it comes out now that it's because James Dolan wouldn't let him get rid of Carmelo who has proven to be a cancer on the team at this point.

Those are just the recent Dolan issues. I don't know what magic he expects to befall the Knicks, but he has to let go of control and stick with a plan.

BIG NEWS, Celtics Trade Avery Bradley for the Pistons Marcus Morris.

They EASILY just got worse.