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Forums - Sports Discussion - NBA offseason is wild

Solid-Stark said:
The Cavs will finally have some serious competition in the East. Bulls, Hawks, and Pacers will fade out or we'll have multiple under 500 teams in the playoffs. We can have a similar 2007-2011 era where only three teams in the East (then Cavs, Magic, and Celtics) were worthy and the rest were poop.

Excited to see how OKC, Rockets, and Timberwolves measure up.

I could see the Bucks MAYBE being worthy along with the Celtics even though they are young, but even then the Cavs are just superior to both of them. The Cavs biggest problem is they're too top heavy and the role players they do have are getting up their in age, and the Celtics don't have a solid Power Forward, but they have 4 Small Forwards. The East is pathetic in my eyes, even the Raptors seem weak now.

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I get Hayward is a big player, but goddamn. He needs to make a decision.

Straight from the man himself.

It's official.

So now the Celtics have 4 Small Forwards. I myself am going to theorize a trade scenario that I think the Celtics should do ASAP.

Nuggets Receive: SF Jae Crowder, SF Jaylen Brown, 2018 2nd Round Pick
Celtics Receive: PF Kenneth Faried, SG Will Barton.

Kenneth Faried to the Celtics would be a HUGE upgrade for them. 
The guy plays with nothing but heart and aggression. Think Draymond Green, but without the loud, obnoxious, and shitty demeanor.

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So the east will now be terrible, but a bit better now.

While the Celtics definitely got much better, the East is still the Cavs' to lose. For one, the Cavs' PG/SF duo is just better, and the Celtics have no true PF that can match up with Kevin Love, who gave them all kinds of shit in the ECF.

But hey, if anything, this at least gives the Celtics a puncher's chance.

I really wanted Hayward to sign with the Heat, even though I knew it wasn't gonna happen.

Realistically I was looking for PF's who could fit the Celtics more smaller size and athletic nature, and I came to the conclusion of Faried being the most reasonable to get (ESPECIALLY after the Millsap signing). But, knowing Ainge, the Nuggets will want too much for him, only for Faried to be soon traded to the Thunder for Enes Kanter and Kyle Singler.

Also I forgot to mention this but what the hell is Doc doing with the Clippers? Going for Gallinari in a sign and trade? I thought they were tanking last week but apparently not. That would have been a GREAT addition when CP3 was there, they might have even lost in the Western Conference Finals.