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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Bold Prediction: Splatoon 2 Will Outsell Splatoon This Year Alone


Will it?

Yes! 81 47.93%
No! 38 22.49%
Maybe 50 29.59%

Mark my words, fellow VGChartians: Splatoon 2 (Switch) will outsell the first Splatoon (Wii U) by this year's end.

According to VGC the first game sold 4.67 Worldwide, so yes, I'm saying that Splatoon 2 will sell more than this on its first 6 months alone. For starters, I think it will do 2m on the first month alone.

What do you think guys?

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That's too much, sorry.

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I keep my predictions conservative so I'll say not likely, though not ruling it out entirely. Splatoon is definitely a "four quadrant" type of game, the first was extremely well-received and there's little reason to doubt the sequel will be at least as good, probably better. It'll depend on exactly how hot the Switch still is throughout the holidays, I think.   If it's really exploding like the Wii did in its second holiday then anything's possible, I guess.

~5 mil by the end of the year would also be close to 50% attach rate, unless Nintendo's estimates are exceeded.

Maybe a bit too much ... but it'll take the holiday too know if you were into something

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Sounds plausible, as the Switch will easily sell more than the 10 Millions Nintendo hopes it will sell at this rate even with the supply issues. I'm pretty sure it will be close to 1M in Japan at release alone, considering how hugely popular it is there and how many versions there are on Amazon Japan (7 versions plus 4 bundles, and still one version never left top spot since the preorders officially opened up there)

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Yeah, I think that's too bold. It'll happen in time, but not in 6 months.



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Bold indeed. I agree with most. If the NS blows up like the Wii, then maybe. If else, no.

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Another Tbone51 thread smh


(I think itll be close. Of japan gets 4mil+ switches out by end of year then i say YES

Now that's what I call bold. Probably will not happen but why not dream? I'm still skeptical about the actual success of Switch itself.

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