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I enjoyed Max Payne 2 all those years ago. I will try Quantum Break at some point.

I'm not really sure about the quality of the studio presently. Seems like they are struggling to move past making games that are above average into truly great games.

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Remedy is the same as a studio like Insomiac, they generally make games for everything unless someone hires them to do something else, like sony is always hired insomiac (and once microsoft) remedy has been on microsofts payroll for Alan wake and Quantum break, but games before that like max payne where also released on Playstation.

I am sure if Microsoft or Sony wanted to work with Remedy they would, since its a guaranteed profit over a risk. Because if this game doesn't sell well they will take the his instead of working as a second party, either way their last games where all excellent so I cannot wait.

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Technically, there is first party or third party. Second party is just short-hand for "third party studio that works on first party games".

This is interesting, though. Either Remedy is branching out with new teams and a more aggressive plan for the future or they're not currently working on a major project for Microsoft. The latter is kind of hard to believe given the lack of big exclusives on Xbox. Is it possible that they don't consider Remedy games to be worthwhile investments? I admit I have no idea how that last game performed against its budget.

Intrinsic said:
Azzanation said:

I agree with part of your post. However its all about the profits. We dont know whos making more money. If its costing MS more money to hold Remedy as 2nd party than theres no point. Sony hold 18 studios however how many of those studios make profit? 

It seems MS is focusing on pure profit and less expenses. XB1 doesnt have to outsell the PS4 to achieve profits. Aslong as Xbox makes money i dont think MS really care otherwise.

To say that would be to imply that sony's studios are not making a profit. I think thats a completely baseless assumption to make being that sony has also shown they have no qualms shutting studios down. So  they cut off the slack so to speak, but still have a LOT of studios 

On another note, try looking at it from a platform holder publisher perspective. For sony, its not even about individual studios making money but instead about thesony world wide studios (SWWS)  group making money at the end of every fiscal year. The reason why an approach like that is better is because its ensures a very well fleshed out portfolio and allows sony take all manner of risks with  whatever games they are publishing and seeing to completion. 

That way not every game has to sell 3-5M copies to be a success. Cause the more successful games will pick up the slack. All the other games have to do is just break even. And when looking at horizon that had a budget of around $48M, I think its safe to say that games like Gravity rush/Until dawn/Bloodborne has a significantly lower production budget. And all those games have or would sell more than a1M in their lifetime.

And again, this isn't evn about making a profit, this is about giving "value" to your brand as a whole. thats the big picture that I think MS is missing here. Cause the very same place MS seems focused on making money from (3rd parties) sony has got those too and thanks to their larger install base is making almost twice as much on those games than MS is making.

Sony's way of doing things is why studios like media molecule could have been making dreams for the past 4 years and when that game comes out it may not even sell that well. They may "lose" money on media molecule in this case.... but in the grand scheme of things SWWS would have overall made a profit. Thats a far better business strategy than seemingly only investing in things that are sure to be a gaurnateed hit. 

And why this surprises me is that when the 360 came along, MS proved emphatically that games sell hardware and not brand loyalty or power. All of a sudden that narrative seems to have been lost to them completely this gen. Its mind boggling to me. 

Is it really that mind boggling? it seems that they are just reverting back to their true form. I never really believed that narrative from last gen. People show you who they really are when the chips are down. We just got MS in its true form

Boom! Looks like the ps4 is doing too good to resist. This is a big plus for the ps4 and it's gamers.

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So, are we going to see topics about every 3rd party there is being a 3rd party?

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Intrinsic said:
I can understand it when Sony's 2nd party partners go multiplat or even make a game exclusively for another platform. But I really can't understand what MS is thinking when they allow things like these slip through their fingers.

I am all for games for everyone and shit, and their game(s) coming to the PS4 is great and all... but I am speaking on Xbox as a platform. I don't think they can afford to have partnerships they have with the few dev teams they have left that build exclusively for them break down.

Sony has like what? 18+ independent studios that make games for them exclusively be it 1st or 2nd party. And it shows every single year with the amount of exclusive content they have. What has MS got? Halo, gears and Forza? For practically the last decade? What are those guys at redmond thinking?

Exactly what I was thinking. I'm a playstation mostly guy so take this with a grain of salt but they need something up their sleeve at this E3, and I don't even think what will be enough to bring them back. I have had a theroy for ages and I just think they banked on the wrong audience, now only their main games will sell but we can clearly see those numbers declining. Microsoft need to take the hit and buy their way to victory and it would work Sony cannot compete with that but they choose not since the higher ups don't see it worth doing. Scoripios release and next year going to be interesting for Xbox hope Phil can bring it back and beyond.

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Currently Remedy is developing a sequel to one of the most popular games in the world in cooperation with the Korean publisher Smilegate, who’s long-time success CrossFire gathers 650 million registered users and over one billion dollar yearly revenues.

Remedy is also working on a game project codenamed P7. The company’s strategy is to release the game on a wider range of platforms, which is why Remedy is developing its Northlight technology also for PlayStation 4 consoles.

I'm calling bullshit. 650 million accounts maybe.

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Meh Quantum Break was a mediocre TPS trying to being back mid 1990s FMVs and fell on it's face as it should. Just like that Need for Speed with FMV's did. FMV games died for a reason and should never come back.

Unless it's MP1 or 2 esque, I'm not really buying whatever Remedy is selling.
But good for PS owners.