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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Games that you have tried to like

For me it would be almost all of recent Bethesda open world games, the most noticable would be Skyrim and Fallout 4.

To summarize my feelings: lacking or boring main story that gets completely lost behind all the other things to do, big worlds filled with a huge ammount of generic quests, coupled with repetitive gameplay.

I never finished these two games. Ill probably give Skyrim another try on the Nintendo Switch though.

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GTA V.- cuz the game is so ambitious, unfortunately; open worlds arent for me.

Xenoblade.- cuz I love jrpg but this game feels like a mmorpg and I don't like those either.

Mario Galaxy.- cuz I love Mario's in general, but this one didn't do it for me.

Taless of berseria.- I skipped a few entries of the series cuz is getting extremely repetitive. When I heard about the dark tone of this game is decided to give it a shot and.... yeah, more of the same.

I may get some flack for this, but overwatch. I just recently bought it along with some other games and to be honest I played it for about two days, but it just does not seem like my type of game at all.

The 3D Zelda and 3D Metroid games. Id also say the 3D Mario games, but to be honest I think my falling away from Mario games has to do more with not liking any 3D platformer games.

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For me, it's Witcher 3. I tried to like it. I really did. I thought the characters, interactions, world, and graphics were all very amazing. But I hated the combat so much that the game was unplayable for me. :(

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RPG games in general.

But recently a have been pushing hard into ogre battle 64 and harvest moon 64.

Really enjoying them. I think maybe I just never took the time to understand these types of games.

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World of Warcraft
Any pokemon after I finished the first one I ever played (GBA)
The first witcher, played a few hours and the gameplay felt too clunky

Those are the main ones, don't really remember more now

Final Fantasy 9 is a big one. Skyward Sword I wasn't a fan of either.

EDIT: Someone said Bethesda. Yeah, I've never liked a game from them. They've been so buggy and boring, for me.

Jpcc86 said:
MGS5. Im a huge fan of the MGS series, I've played all of them, and I cant quite criticize MGS5's content and quality, cause theres tons of qualities in that game, its got a metascore of 93 for a good reason. Its just that I like my MGS games to have a defined, somewhat linear story, because its an already stablished universe. However much you criticize MGS4 for its cutscenes, the story progression, pacing and boss fights are fantastic. I cant say that about MGS5. And MGS5 has so many missions and even more side-missions that the main game itself gets lost for me. I get bored quickly. The scenarios dont feel that different. I feel I play a lot and dont progress even tho im getting things done, and yet theres still a lot to unlock that maybe its not important for the game.

I completely agree with you

Zelda OOT. Got 20 hours in and quit because I was bored. The only other Zelda I've played, Phantom Hourglass, I enjoyed though so it's not like its the series as a whole.

Shin Megami Tensei is just not my thing either, I love turn-based RPGs, but couldn't get into it whatsoever.