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Forums - Sales Discussion - Horizon Zero Dawn Predicted To Sell 8 Million Units, Close To Uncharted 4

Sh1nn said:

Sony's next big PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, launches next week. Now, a new report from SuperData claims the game--which is a brand-new franchise--may sell millions of copies this year and go on to become a hit on the level or close to Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid V.

Horizon Zero Dawn will shift as many as 6 million copies by the end of 2017, SuperData said. Total sales could reach 8 million units, which would put it close to the most recent Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid games.

In its report, SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen cited Horizon Zero Dawn's strong review scores from critics as an element that could help boost sales

Do you think it can happen? 

Pocky Lover Boy! 

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Captain_Yuri said:
Lol superdata...

They have got every single VR prediction wrong and they claimed that Google cardboard would sell 84+ million in 2016 when it took Google Cardboard 19 months to ship 5 million.

Now I am not saying Horizon can't sell 8 million. I am saying that a monkey on drugs can probably make a more reliable prediction these days than Superdata can.

A broken clock is still right twice a day..... guess that could apply here.

Not likely

I wouldn't rule it entirely impossible. I personally expect it to sell at least 5 million. I know Amazon isn't a perfect tool to form predictions, but it's the only thing we have, and horizon is doing incredible right now on the bestseller charts. Been high on the charts for weeks and already moved to #1 yesterday--8 days from release. AND the collectors edition is also already up to #8. Pretty damn impressive relative to how other games have performed on the Amazon charts, if my memory serves me correctly. 

Especially with the great reviews it's gotten, I would make bets HZD sells at least 5 million LT. 

i think it can sell 4-6 million. 8 million seems a bit much for a new IP.

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They say it can sell at the same level or close to Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid V.

Look, I'm no expert. I'm just looking at the game titles here.

Uncharted 4.
Metal Gear Solid V.

You know, there's a reason those games sold well. They have fanbases.

I don't doubt Horizon will sell very well, but I can't see it topping 6 million. Not at all.

I think we need to keep our expectations In check. 4-5 million would be excellent for a new IP on one platform, let alone nearly double that.

I do hope it sells quite well and becomes a franchise.

If it will be part of millions of PS4 bundles without other bundle options for customers then maybe. Otherwise I doubt it. Only games which reach these numbers on a single platform are huge games with a crazy marketing budget. Like CoD and so on...(well, and a few very lucky ones)

Superdata needs to stop saying things.

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