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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Just Finished Twilight Princess


Twilight Princess is...

My favorite 36 26.28%
Pretty good 78 56.93%
Meh 6 4.38%
Least favorite 5 3.65%
Haven't played 12 8.76%

I hold story in high regard with my games and Twilight Princess has such a good story, which is one of the bigger reasons it's one of my favorites.

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It's my 2nd favourite game of all time behind Wind Waker. I think it has the best dungeon selection in the series (even if I really don't like Temple of Time or Palace of Twilight), really fantastic music (as always), great characters, with the best side character in the series (Midna, obviously) and I really liked the motion controls in the Wii version.

Twilight Princess on the GameCube was the first game I ever pre-ordered and I even ended up cancelling that pre-order because another store had it for sale a few days earlier than the official release date.

At first I found the aesthetic, dark themes and story a little depressing coming so close to the holidays.  But later on as I went further it felt to be one the best Zelda games I played with great combat, bosses, puzzles, scale and character.  I remember thinking this is better than Wind Waker, but I hope it has more of a challenge with enemies and puzzles.  But it ended up feeling a lot easier than Wind Waker to me, which was disappointing.  I think I only got stuck once and hardly died, which I remember doing a lot more in earlier 3D Zelda games.  Overall a great game and swansong to the CUBE.

I'm playing through this for the 1st time too on Wii u. Enjoying it so far especially the boss battles. Just finished the Arbiter Temple. Also playing it on Hero mode because found OoT and WW a bit easy. I'm now always scrambling for fairy and stuff only ever got 3 hearts lol

Yep Twilight Princess is great. My personal #3 in the series after Ocarina and Link's Awakening. Too bad the WiiU remaster wasn't anything near what the game deserved.

But anyway I agree that the game shines in the dungeon and bosses department. They're and they're plenty, which is good. Quite a few of them are among my favorites in the entire series; the trio of Arbiter's Grounds, Snowpeak Ruins and Temple of Time is total dungeon-design genius. Stallord is my favorite boss ever. I like the big fields and running around with Epona, I rarely ever use the warping mechanic actually. It's world is great, and I think the depressing tone makes it as unique and recognizable as Wind Waker is with it's uplifting tone.

Speaking of Wind Waker, I agree that the biggest plusses of TP are the areas where Wind Waker fails hard; really the only good dungeon in WW is the Tower of the Gods, but that's at least two floors too short. That game's end boss is one of the better ones though.

I'm with you with "Bring on Breath of the Wild", but really you should finish Ocarina at some point too!

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Twilight is in my top 3 after SS and Zelda Nes.

I liked it.... more than Ocarina...


10 out of 10 in my book.

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Best Zelda since OoT. But still outclassed by ALBW.

Twilight Princess remains to be my favourite Zelda game so far. Lets see if BotW will beat it. I wasnt too big on the Wolf parts however if grew on me. TW was a perfectly timed Zelda game that everyone wanted. A dark version of OoC

I love Twilight Princess, a lot. Though it's far from being the best Zelda game in my eyes. I'd put Wind Waker, Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past over it.