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Twilight Princess is...

My favorite 36 26.28%
Pretty good 78 56.93%
Meh 6 4.38%
Least favorite 5 3.65%
Haven't played 12 8.76%

every zelda since ocarina becomes my new favorite honestly, because they play like ocarina but bring something new to the table. As of right now SS is probably tied with twilight princess. The harp and map restrictions took a little away from SS, but the epic final showdown absolutely made up for it.

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curl-6 said:

Twilight Princess is class-A in my book.

From the moody atmosphere, to the epic bosses, to series-best sidekick Midna, it was the true Ocarina of Time successor I'd waited for since the 90s.


Still my favorite Zelda regardless of what people say.

Yes, it really had that feeling of grand epic adventure. Too easy to my taste, but the dungeons were incredible (especially Arbiter's Grounds and Snowpeak Ruins).

I definitely need to replay this again because I ended up not really enjoying it by the end. Currently it's one of my lesser favorite Zeldas.



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great game

not on the level of the top tier 3D Zelda games in my opinion (behind Ocarina, Wind Waker, Majora's Mask) but definitely better than Skyward Sword and a great showing 

My favorite part of this game is the quantity of dungeons, the forced wolf link gameplay ruined part of the game for me, but after the third dungeon everything is lovely.

It's really good. Fantastic dungeon design, good atmosphere and gameplay and Midna is a wonderful character. Unfortunately she is the only interesting character, the story isn't all that interesting and the overworld seems really dead and empty in my opinion.

Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda.

The sky temple was epic. I wish they would have done more with the spinner though.

Zelda TP definitely has one of best dungeons in series.