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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Removes Snap From Xbone

They better PiP that shit... 😐


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence
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Ryuu96 said:

It's apparently getting replaced with PiP

Instead, Xbox looks to be exploring the possibility of a picture-in-picture multitasking implementation, where "snapped" app would simply hover in the corner of your game, rather than wiping out a quarter of your screen with a largely empty bar.


Also the new Xbox Achievement tracking pretty much does this now.

This article was back in November. So Jez's insider was actually right. 🙄


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence

Admittedly I actually used this feature for crap games I just wanted to complete through to the end. Destiny, Watch Dogs and Division mainly.

Unbelievable, this was my favorite XBO feature, and most wanted XBO feature on PS4.

I have spent so many weekends playing madden or NBA 2K with friends while having a game snapped. I always wished Sony would allow PS Vue to do something similar so I could do the same thing on my set up.

I really hope they have something coming to replace this, because I was really looking forward to using this myself when I pick up my Scorpio later this year.

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Man, I was scared! I literally have an HDMI splitter coming from Amazon this week for my third Xbox One (the other two already have one) because I use the feature so much.

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Best update ever!

I hated that piece of shit. Whenever an achievement popped up and I pressed the Xboxy button thingy to go check it it would always open a shitty snap window for the achievements which was useless and annoying and made me waste my time closing it rather than opening up the proper achievement page that I wanted. Good riddance!

That pip stuff is cool. Making games more fun on xbox.

Be patient. They will bring it back, but not the way it was. A lot of us love the snap feature, but it did take up a lot of real estate. Eventually you will be able to snap again, but it will be more of a floating overlay that you will get to decide where it goes. There is a video of it in action for the achievement tracker.

This update looks nice

What? They're removing a feature that was advertized since launch?