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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft Removes Snap From Xbone

I wonder how much this actually makes in difference in performance, now that it's gone.

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Normchacho said:
shikamaru317 said:

You still can. Now you can make a little window that tracks up to 3 achievements.

Can you? I thought that was a picture of something they wanted to add in the future?

Pretty sure it's part of the new update. Another pic of it: 

PiP will have it's drawbacks though. Gonna block some parts of the beautiful 720p graphics. 😐


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Normchacho said:
What? Why? That seems...dumb...

"Improve multitasking, reduce memory use, improve overall speed, and free up resources"

Maybe they need those resources for something else down the line?

Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Good. You can't watch 2 things at once. You can have 2 on the screen but you're not really watching either. You're just half watching each and not getting the whole experience. If I want to not pay attention to a movie or game I'll play on my phone to do so.

How very un "Iron Man" of you.

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Picture in Picture is way better and I hope to see it added soon.

Normchacho said:
What? Why? That seems...dumb...

It completely falls in line with Phil's vision of maing Xbox a game console first again. Get gaming right... then worry about the fluff.

method114 said:
Puppyroach said:
If they replace it with PIP, no problems. I use snap as one of the main features when playing games since I can skype with my nephew while we play multiplayer games.

I don't understand the point of removing it now before pip is ready.

Because it is removed for preview members, people who voluntarly choose to get updates that possible have features removed or have more features first.

Wait a second. They removed the multitasking tool to improve multitasking?

Microsoft had an excellent 2016, but they are having a pretty weird 2017 if I may say so.

d21lewis said:
Man, I was scared! I literally have an HDMI splitter coming from Amazon this week for my third Xbox One (the other two already have one) because I use the feature so much.

for what purpose the splitter???