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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Can we agree Nintendo should go third party, now?

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Shaddup, you Pony! 676 36.13%
Switch > PC/PS4/XBO 376 20.10%
I can buy them all, anyway 99 5.29%
Nintendon't need more 29 1.55%
Keep only doing handhelds 81 4.33%
Maybe one more gen... 78 4.17%
Sounds good! 277 14.80%
I have always wanted it... 90 4.81%
Don't care about Nintendo 125 6.68%
Sonic > Mario 40 2.14%

A very large chunk of Nintendo's profits were made in the console business. I don't think they'll stop anytime soon. (Unless Switch super terrible).

Either way, I don't want them to go 3rd party. I want them to make much need restructuring efforts in their company and be successful again in the hardware business.

I always had the feeling that their software would decline if they moved to 3rd party development. I know a lot of people who share this sentiment as well.

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Ka-pi96 said:
Hapuc12 said:

Yeah no,they have money to last till 2050 i watched top 10 Nintendo hidden facts i think the video was called that.

And people saying the console will flop they are making money from every console being sold so losing money yeah no plus they get 100% profit from there own games and 30-40% of other third party games like PS4/Xbox/PC is.

Switch is Japan's wet dream and if the console sells 30+ milion they have achieved their goal plus the money from online that they will put maybe not a lot of people won't pay but there a good amount of people that will.

And Amibos they are making money from that stuff regardless.

And people stop with this doom and gloom Jesus Christ.

They don`t have money to last until 2050. They have money yes, but how long it will last for depends on how much of it they spend... and even more importantly, how much of it their investors will let them spend. It could last until the year 3000, or they could blow it all in a year (that one be one great party at Nintendo HQ for a year though! )

They aren`t making money from every console sold. Firstly, I haven`t heard anything to suggest that the Switch will be selling for more than it costs to make, but even if it does that still doesn`t mean they are making money. There are a whole lot of other costs to consider other than basic material costs and shipment, the marketing budget for one, the years of R&D for another. The Switch will start with quite a significant net loss (as every console does) and until they can clear that amount they won`t really be making money from each console sold.

As for games, they don`t even get 100% revenue, let alone profit. Retailers take their cut, taxes take a cut and games do cost money to make as well. As for 30-40% of third party games (what third party games? ), I very much doubt it`s anywhere near that high. Probably more around 10-15%.

And Amiibos? Yeah, they`ll make money from them but just like the software the point isn`t that they could make money by going 3rd party, it`s that they could make more. They sold a lot of Amiibo`s when only the small number of Wii U owners could use them, now imagine how much more they could have sold if games that utilised them were playable by the billions of people that own a PC or phone or something.

As impressive as Nintendo is, third party do amount for something, namely in the handheld place. Companies like Level 5 basically survived with Nintendo the last couple of years after wasting a lot of resources on WKC. 


For once I agree with this sentiment. First order of business is to make them go third party.

Hmm, but then they'll be left out of hardware that they perfected their games on, so now they will have to start from scratch. I guess it should be fine in that department. I guess another issue may be that since they no longer sell hardware, they don't make a profit off them, which they almost always do.

They may need to recoup their losses somehow. Guess they will have Amiibo. Actually, wait... it's not compatible with the other consoles. It works on PC I guess... even though that platform has a naturally built emulator made years ago. Speaking of PC, doesn't Nintendo hate piracy. I mean of course piracy is absolutely exaggerated, but clearly Nintendo, especially recently goes out of its way to destroy any piracy found on its hardware. Not as easy on PC, but certainly possible. Though the PC crowd won't like it their policies. Whatever, we'll burn that bridge when we get there.

Let's focus on consoles. Hmm... once again the profit issue. Especially after development of separate systems. Maybe they'll look at other developer policies and start working on a lot more DLC and micro-transactions. Well, Nintendo has been testing the waters with that anyway so why not go swimming with rest of em.

Though Playstation and Microsoft and for some reason their fans really want to be competitive. Let's say they push out new hardware and Nintendo wants to take advantage of the hardware? Well let's assume that Nintendo can only make their game run on the next Playstation because its so much powerful than the Xbox next. That will sure get a lot of people angry. I mean, people who have always played Nintendo games on one system, or have been Nintendo fans for over 30 years despite only owning the NES and SNES and bashed every other system and game to date, will be pretty mad to find that they will have to buy another console to play Nintendo's Sony Exclusive Fire Emblem, Xenoblade or Pokemon game. Yikes that would suck, of course either way I'm sure the fans of the stronger platforms will defend this, by talking about power or the fact that JRPGs don't sell that well on Xbox, while still ignoring PC of course, or some of the more crude ones who will just straight up laugh.

Yes, this reasoning will work wonders. But Microsoft doesn't seem to happy about this now do they? They probably want a piece of the pie. What if Nintendo wants to make another game, but can't or doesn't want to take the risk of paying for it? Enter Microsoft. Great. Of course they would want something in return. How about exclusivity just like Sony? Oop, well that won't go too well, fans everywhere will start saying that there is absolutely no reason in this industry for 3rd party exclusives. Hmm, ok But how will Microsoft feel like they gained from this without feeling jilted. I guess timed exclusivity to will help make immediate demand for the brand while still giving it to the other platforms. Wait a second though, people are still mad that they get the game? Strange. Ah well, let us assume that they will eventually buy the game they have been coveting anyway. Not like no company lost massive sales like this before. The other option is of course is to make a full blown exclusive for MS. Surely this has worked for many developers as of recently. Nintendo would be able to make any game of their choice on a massive scale and bound by no MS interference.

Nintendo is gonna want to stay competitive to stay healthy in this environment. Big 3rd parties are no joke, and HD development was tough as is, they can't cope with expenses here. What about timed DLC? Something that everyone loves. Can't wait for them to port their old games either. From the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube Wii... wait what was that young Billy? You're saying that Nintendo games in that era were a bunch of gimmicky motion controlled games? Slap it on un-optimized VR, gimmick no more. Anyway moving on. What about the Wii U? You know that console that has no games? Nothing worth porting there. Moving on... huh? You are saying people now want them? Strange, those games are for kiddies, in fact, almost all the games past the NES are! Haha, Oh I'm just kidding there, we know kids these days love Nintendo and not CoD and Battlefield. Moving on.

Huh? You are saying Nintendo still has policies like no in game voice chat in games with lower age ranges, no sales on their games, Youtube policies, Localization changes and so on that had nothing to do with their console yet still people blamed it on their consoles anyway? It's still magically a problem. Whelp, no one buys it then. Surely, the majority who complained about this in the past were the people owning their system anyway. I'm sure everyone who boycotted Nintendo before for this will now. Ah well who cares?

Looking into the past we can clearly see Nintendo will do well. I mean there have been no first party turned 3rd party companies who failed and ended up selling the same games over and over, each more broken than the last. Sega is successful. This will all work out fine for Nintendo.

BraLoD, in all seriousness I sincerely respect your opinion, but I have to disagree. There are way too many factors even beyond that frankly I personally don't want Nintendo going third party for.

I can't decide. You need more voting options.

- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

Acevil said:

Okay can I tell you something, they will, same with Nintendo going third party, just going to take awhile. 


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BraLoD said:
Acevil said:

How is coughing up revenue to hardware publisher making them do better? Bigger audience? More microtransaction competition in terms of publishers?

They also lessen their costs, like Sega did after the Dreamcast.

And yes, their gain of audience would be insane.

Nintendo games on PS4/XBO/PC would mean so much more people having access to it.

Pokemon Go and Mario Run just made even more people aware of those franchises, imagine quality mainline stuff of those everywhere.

Okay, so you want them to go after biggest audience correct and 30% of the cut will go hardware developers and focus on competiting with the best developers, ya sounds like you want them to go full mobile. Which they are honestly on there way, switch bombs, nintendo goes that route. 


BraLoD said:
Hapuc12 said:

Yes i am saying when posts like this and comments come,that is doom and gloom in my book,it's not a Win Win for them to got Third party like i said in my coment shit ton of stuff isn't accounted in your post.

Sony has more chance to go third Party then Nintendo and i Love Sony more then all other companies combined.

It's okay to point out things you think the OP lacks, but I've never said Nintendo needs it to survive, just pointed out I think they would be better doing so, so they should do it, obviously disagreeing with me is the right of people reading it, but I never doomed anything, at all.

What else do they have except their game division maybe i'm not that informed about Nintendo Company but they are build around their gaming division they don't have anything else to my knowledge.

it took Sega a long while for them to recover when PS2 beat the shit out of their console,Nintendo would take a long time to adjust plus even more so when 80-100 mil normal to invest in a game and plus so much jobs would be lost which is the worst thing that would ever come out of that ordeal.

KyleeStrutt said:
Acevil said:

Okay can I tell you something, they will, same with Nintendo going third party, just going to take awhile. 


I do mean in the sense that it will all be services (PS Now type services), obviously I am skipping a bunch of stages to get to the stage I am talking about, and it would never happen overnight.


onionberry said:
man these threads are annoying lol

Thank you Onionberry...these threads are so so annoying ....If a person don't like the Switch then don't buy it ....every generation since the wii same threads smh ......

BraLoD said:
Acevil said:

Okay, so you want them to go after biggest audience correct and 30% of the cut will go hardware developers and focus on competiting with the best developers, ya sounds like you want them to go full mobile. Which they are honestly on there way, switch bombs, nintendo goes that route. 

I'm sorry but I really didn't understand your first sentence where you make a connection of something and ends on full mobile, Ace.

Essentially what you are describing that they go after the biggest ocean, why settle for the small ones. Mobile is going to be the biggest ocean.