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BraLoD said:
Hapuc12 said:

Yes i am saying when posts like this and comments come,that is doom and gloom in my book,it's not a Win Win for them to got Third party like i said in my coment shit ton of stuff isn't accounted in your post.

Sony has more chance to go third Party then Nintendo and i Love Sony more then all other companies combined.

It's okay to point out things you think the OP lacks, but I've never said Nintendo needs it to survive, just pointed out I think they would be better doing so, so they should do it, obviously disagreeing with me is the right of people reading it, but I never doomed anything, at all.

What else do they have except their game division maybe i'm not that informed about Nintendo Company but they are build around their gaming division they don't have anything else to my knowledge.

it took Sega a long while for them to recover when PS2 beat the shit out of their console,Nintendo would take a long time to adjust plus even more so when 80-100 mil normal to invest in a game and plus so much jobs would be lost which is the worst thing that would ever come out of that ordeal.