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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will Nintendo allow mods?

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Will Nintendo allow mods?

Nintendo will fully allow mods. 7 9.21%
Nintendo will allow mods,... 12 15.79%
Nintendo won't allow mods. 53 69.74%
Mod Pokemon to add all regions!!! 4 5.26%

The question is if game devs will even bother implementing it with the amount of restrictions Nintendo usually places on user generated content. Bethesda already had a problem with Sony's policies and I'd consider them less restrictive.

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JRPGfan said:

Nintendo? doubt it.

1) it can break a console..... mods have a habbit of doing that.
2) it varies the performance & experiance.
3) it can lead to by pass cracks to get around DRM, and allow homebrew and piracy.

^ Nintendo will make a big deal out of all 3 of these things, and go Nope, no mods.

As a modding veteran, I can tell you...

1) No, they don't "have a habit of doing that" at all.  Even on PC you would have to try real hard and b3 spectacularly stupid to do that.  With regards to Skyrim and Fallout's setup for mods on consoles, you would have to really try hard to even effect your console, if it is even possible.  You could break your game maybe, thiugh the training wheels make even that a challenge.

2) It obviously varies experience, that's he whole point, and a point Nintendo clearly doesn't mind judging by how many games on Wii U had upwards of 4 supported controllers and control methods.  As for performance, Bethesda moderates that pretty well and besides, 90% of performance impacting mods require more space on the system than any of the consoles will allow mods to take up.

3)  Any mod attempting to do that is scrubbed out by Bethesda real quick and that's actually quite dificult to do within the mod system accessible on consoles.  It would be easier to do it yourself the old fashioned way.  Mods don't raise the risk of this in any real way, especially since mods on Switch would never touch game data as they would need to work like the data packs for XCX in Wii U, meaning no, it cannot do what you just said *at all.*

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This is Nintendo, of course not. (I hope my conspiracy theory kicks in, so that Nintendo backs and supports mods 100%.)

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PS4 is having trouble supporting mods so I doubt NS will even if they wanted to.

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I highly doubt it. Skyrim is best on PC anyways, not console.

It raises the question again why Bethesda has anything to do with the Switch in the first place. If Nintendo wasn't going to build the system to allow the capability, it's just another reason for Bethesda to walk away.

Typically, mods are done to enhance graphics. I for one am intrigued at the possibility of mods that instead lower complexity to extend battery life.

Are mod exclusives a thing for Bethesda games? It kind of was for Minecraft on WiiU...

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No, or at least I sincerely doubt it.

5/10 years too soon for Nintendo to have this discussion lol.

People are still asking for voice chat and achievements...

Peter hines would not accept a deal without mods, he's very straightforward. Maybe even without restrictions like sony. People need to stop thinking that Nintendo is hitler holy shit.