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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that you have seen the Nintendo Switch do you think it will be successful?


Based off what you have seen will it be successful?

yes 318 48.33%
no 149 22.64%
maybe 156 23.71%
see results 33 5.02%
other 2 0.30%

How do we define successful here?...making profits?...absolutely.Selling more than the Wii?...that´s another story.

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Depends what you mean by succesful. I mean, it`s the successor to both the Wii U and 3DS so is effectively following 70m+ worth of sales. If it doesn`t at least get close to that then it`s definitely not succesful and that`s a pretty high target really.

If I had to guess I`d say around 50m sales, give or take like 10m, so at the higher extent of that prediction I think that would be a succes, the lower end... not so much.

Seems like its reception is far better than the WiiU so it will at least sell more than that system

I personally don't think so. The mobile market continues to take more of the dedicated handheld market with each passing year and the dedicated home console market has been dominated by Sony and to a lesser extent, Microsoft. I think it can do respectable figures but I do not see it doing the 50-60 million figures that have been thrown around here. Nintendo have a hard job ahead of them trying to get back the casual gamers whom switched over to mobile/tablets many years ago. The cost of the console and games will also be a pivotal factor.

It really depends 100% on handheld gamers. I doubt the NS will entice any more home console owners than the Wii U did.

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melbye said:
Seems like its reception is far better than the WiiU so it will at least sell more than that system

Seems about the same to me. There was a lot of hype around the WiiU.

It can go either way.

I personally am not really impressed or wow buy anything these days. This didn't change my mind. To me it, it seems like a Wii U with detachable parts. And I know people are raving about 3rd party support for it. But I remember the same thing being said for the Wii U and look how that turned out. Pledging support is one thing, giving QUALITY support is another.

And to me, it's worrying that a company has to announce support pledging for their product. Sony and Microsoft never have to do that, yet Nintendo has had to do that for the last 3 home systems.

But of course, none of us knows the future, so I'm not calling this dead nor will I call this "the next big thing".

Make it cheap and I see it as the biggest success for Nintendo excluding the Wii (and DS?)

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If they have games on it that normally were on the 3DS it can be successfull but I think the size will hurt in a popular handheld market like Japan.

I think Nintendo have lost their minds, I feel sorry for the fans that waited all this time.