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Forums - PC Discussion - How many games do you have on Steam? (2024)

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Almost 500. I haven't played any in months though due to my main Rig only having a Radeon 5450 at the moment.

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I've got 51 games on Steam, of which I've yet to finish around 10. There are maybe five that I haven't played at all yet.

John2290 said:
Less than 20. I deleted steam though as to stop myself playing 4x games because I was getting madly addicted.

For real? Could you elaborate?

I would love to be addicted for once. It was such a long time ago. You know, to feel that passion and "one more turn", since nowadays the problem instead is that you always have to search for that urge to play.

Just 13 gaems but a lot more in future

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I got 30 games



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Over 134, it says 134 but some have multiple games like that Sega Emulator thingy.

I have 0.

A late friend left me and his brother a rather large Steam library when he passed. Stephen (the brother) gets direct access, and I'm a "family member", so I can play when he's not. Pretty sure it's about 273-ish? I'll have to check when I get home.

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I have 509 games according to my Steam profile.

(The banner in my sig below claims way more, but that's not correct. I think it also counts DLCs I bought such as the many table packs for my two Pinball games).

Of those 509 games I've never played 178 (according to the calculator on ).

I will quickly reduce my backlog in the coming months. I recently bought an Alienware Alpha R2 (great little machine - it's as small as a Wii U) and switched from desktop/monitor to couch/TV. I don't want to sit in front of a desk anymore, but I still want to play PC games.

Focus is on point&click adventure and action-adventure games atm. I'm gonna avoid time-consuming games like c/JRPGs, strategy games and city building/managerial/space sims (with the exception of Civ VI, which I have preordered and want to check out on release day).

Currently playing (switching between): Life is Strange, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, Leisure Suit Larry 1 Reloaded, Beyond Eyes, Seasons After Fall, Epistory, Little King's Story.

Recently finished: ABZU, The Room Two, Contradiction, Broken Sword 5, A New Beginning, Samorost 3, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Grim Fandango Remastered, The Sea Will Claim Everything, Botanicula.

I have 13, 7 of which I got for free and will probably never touch.

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