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Forums - PC Discussion - How many games do you have on Steam? (2024)

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287 games on Steam
204 DLC owned
71 Wishlisted

7 games on Origin

6 Games on

20 Games on GoG

4 Stand alone games (via their own installer).

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Three... but I have a few I'm waiting for a steam sale to pick up.

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Apparently I have 310, but I think at least half of them are gifted or from Humble Bundles.

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ktay95 said:
Over 134, it says 134 but some have multiple games like that Sega Emulator thingy.

I got one of those, "SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics" with 11 games, but I count it as one title.

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BasilZero said:
John2290 said:
Less than 20. I deleted steam though as to stop myself playing 4x games because I was getting madly addicted.

Stop playing games like DOTA/Rocket League and you'll be fine ;o

Says the guy with 930 games on Steam of which he has never played xxx (number censored, as it would shock other members).

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I got about 230 but most of my time spent is on grand strategy games that eat up hundreds or thousands of hours...

BasilZero said:
okr said:

Says the guy with 930 games on Steam of which he has never played xxx (number censored, as it would shock other members).

Not my fault that a lot of games I want come with other games :P (I blame humble bundle, bundle stars and Indie gala l0l)

Ah okay, fair enough. I've never bought external bundled discounts, but if I had I wouldn't like to see unwanted games inflate my total games count. I'd have them removed from my library (if you're interested: it works via Help => Steam Support, one game by one).

BasilZero said:


No worries - I'm actually open to playing them too lol.

When, in your next life?

I just found out that permanently removing unwanted games wouldn't make sense for you, me and most other people anyway. I just tested it: If you remove an unwanted game from your library, all other corresponding content is removed as well, e.g. if I removed "Dota Test", Dota would be removed as well. If I removed Crayon Physics Deluxe, all other 9 games which I bought years ago with the corresponding "Indie Games Big Bundle" (incl. Audiosurf, Braid, Darwinia, World of Goo) would be permanently removed from my library as well. In other words: Pretty pointless feature.

342 most of them for free because of webs like indiegala or really really cheap with humble bundle and steam sales.

Only one