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princevenom said:
xbox1slim will sell over 2 Million console world wide this month imo

So, since it does about 55-60% of its sales in the US, you're calling for it to do about 1.2 million in the US this month???

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princevenom said:
xbox1slim will sell over 2 Million console world wide this month imo

2 million worldwide? I like that what are you thinking the breakdowns will look like? I mean I don't think ti will do that much but I would still like to see what you think the numbers will be.

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Shadow1980 said:
Ryng_Tolu said:
Ok i made an avatar bet on Twitter, XBO to outsell PS4 by at least 2:1 this month.

Dear Xbox one... you better do VERY good.

I know you don't have the August prediction thread up yet (I'm assuming that's not until after July's NPD results), but I wanted to go ahead and put down my provisional estimate:

XBO: 340k
PS4: 190k

I'll adjust it after we get July NPD results, but I'm assuming the PS4 will do ~190k in July (80% of June, since June is 5 weeks and July is 4) and stays about flat for August. As for the XBO, I'm assuming the S model gives a somewhat bigger boost than what the 360 S did for the 360. The 360 S was a June release, a 5-week month, so accounting for that we saw an 85.7% increase in the per-week average over May 2010.


However, the 360 S was released on June 18, whereas the 2TB XBO S releases tomorrow, with the smaller HDD models coming on the 23rd. I'm assuming the earlier launch in the month could drive August's weekly average to double what July is. I'm also further assuming that the XBO will, like the PS4, do about 80% of its June numbers for July, or about 170k. Double that and you get 340k. Now, the XBO could conceivably do double what the PS4 does this month, but it's going to be close, perhaps depending on how well both of them did in July.

But why you expect PS4 to be flat or even up in weekly sales in July and August compared to June?

June is almost always a bigger month than July, not only because June has 5 weeks, but because is E3 month and the end of School when kids or young people buy more.

Is seriusly rare a July is bigger than a June in term of weekly sales, unless there is something of special, and i mean, i don't see nothing in July which can boost PS4.

PS4 sold with a weekly avg of 47,000 unit in June, which is 188,000 in 4 weeks. So expect that or more in July or August seem pretty much unlucky...


i personally expect a decline of 10% in weekly sales, 47,000 to 42,000, which is about 170,000 in July, and then another bit drop in August to 160,000, considering August is usually a bit worse (but not by much) than July...

RJ_Sizzle said:
Tag for the "Xbox stops getting steamrolled for a change" month.


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Looks like an interesting month coming

It is near the end of the end....

Should the slim not be higher than #6? Seems a little low..

My Prediction for this months NPD is
XB1- 370k
PS4- 210k

I think most XBO predictions are spot on, but people really overestimate PS4................