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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PoGo Nation: The Official Pokemon GO Thread! Raidz are a thing, Legendaries are coming soon! Raven caught his 10,000th Pidgey!

Dang, I'm behind everyone.

I'm level 9, Team Valor. 37 caught and 39 seen.

My best Pokemon is a Kingler I caught at the mall randomly. Still have yet to beat a gym. By the time I'm good enough to win, everyone will probably have lost interest in the game. *looks away sadly*

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axumblade said:
Team Valor for the win!

Also i am level 14. 73 caught and 75 seen

Team Mystic, Level 19, Caught 78, Seen 78

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Team Instinct, Level 9. 31 caught, 32 seen (fuck that Pikachu)

I'll get much more during August (I have a 40 min ride to school, which passes by houndreds of Pokestops)

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Level 17 - Pokedex 47 Strongest pokemon is a 1023 cp Jolteon that I've nabbed a few Gyms with and earned a few pokecoins with. Great little mobile app though, I've said it a load of times now, it's a terrible pokemon game, but a fantastic mobile / social app, more akin to Pokemon Snap than traditional RPG pokemon titles.


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iceland said:
hershel_layton said:



Are you high?

Everything will become clear soon

This is a pretty cool thread. glad it didn't get locked up



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I'm lv 17, seen 56 caught 54. And my strongest is a 1204 Flareon that's like, 400 stronger than my 2nd strongest XD oh and also Team Instinct :3

Team Valor, Level 21, Seen and Caught 76


Edit: Strongest Pokémon - CP 1379 Arcanine

I have Pokemon Go installed and I caught two Pokemon... The rest unfortunately require me to walk so... T_T


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