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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PoGo Nation: The Official Pokemon GO Thread! Raidz are a thing, Legendaries are coming soon! Raven caught his 10,000th Pidgey!

RavenXtra said:
Ganoncrotch said:

You know that sometimes you need to beat a gym many more times than 3 to get it's health all the way down? I wasn't sure about it at first but if you notice the Gym actually has health up in the corner and as you fight it more it loses more and more of it's trainers until you finally have it down to just you vs gym leader and you can kill it fully.

Oh yeah, I know. I had gotten to that point and beat him an additional 2 times, but the game would not respond to me winning the battle. Was very frustrating.

Ah right that could be very annoying, what I have happen on occasion is that after I clear out a gym and it returns to a grey state when I go to leave a pokemon there and claim it... my game needs to restart and someone else can drop in there guys around me lol, the game really feels like it's in a beta or alpha stage right now which is putting off the casual player which is a shame really.

Still great mobile ap tho, the best so far imo.

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Caught bot a Scyther and a Mr. Mime yesterday. Not a bad day.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Level 22 Caught: 82 Seen; 84 - Team Mystic

Strongest pokemon: Snorlax CP2033 - Snorlax CP1813 - Vaporeon CP 1713

JC317 said:
BTW, how many achievements/medals does everyone have? I'm currently sitting at 4 Gold, 5 Silver, 8 Bronze, 10 In Progress

12 Bronze, 8 Silver, 4 Gold, 4 in progress

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1 Gold, 11 Silver, 6 bronze, 9 in progress

Also I hit Level 20! yay! Ultra ballz

Caught a Rhydon today, quite the surprise!

Also finally evolved my Rattata because apparently Clefairys are far more common than rats around here..

Closing in on level 16 as well! Hyyype

Level 17 going on 18...

I'm starting to feel the changes in the game, good and bad. Now sometimes even low cp pidgeys and sandshrews refuse to just get in the ball, grumble grumble...



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Hit level 23 and have 112 in the Pokedex now. Things are definitely starting to turn into a grind. Yesterday I had to use 15 great balls and razz berries to catch a cp 359 Charmander. If it weren't the last one I needed to make my Charizard I would've just abandoned it.

I'm now lvl 18 and am reloaded on pokeballs Before, the worst thing happened, where I had 1 pokeball left and a hitmonchan decided to show up. I ran out of pokeballs... ;_;



Dance my pretties!

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