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    Show the vgchartz community your Mario Maker 2 levels! UPDATED 7/6/2019

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 June 2019

    Here's one from me: 1TT-Y6H-QQF My first level on Mario Maker 2, tried my hand at a more standard level, rather than the more puzzle like ones did in 1 ...

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    USA Weekly, 13th May 2017

    in Sales Discussion on 14 June 2017

    Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon as 1, 2 and 3, now that's what I like to see...

    Write 31

    Japanese ARMS Tournament; showcases new weapons/costumes

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 April 2017

    I wasn't too interested in this game when they first showed it, but the more they show the more I like it. Even if this isn't the next Splatoon in sales, it probably will be in how much I enjoy it...

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    How many million sellers will the Switch have after a year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 April 2017

    Well we have Zelda, mario, mario kart, and splatoon, so at least 4 already. I also feel 1-2 Switch, Minecraft, Arms, and MAYBE Xeno 2 will reach 1M, so 7-8 is my guess...

    Write 71

    What will you do after you're dead?

    in General Discussion on 27 February 2017

    Well I can tell you what I wont be doing, living....

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    Judging a Game From It's Beginning? & Great Games With Slow/Poor Beginnings

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2017

    Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Pokemon Sun/Moon, altho some people may argue against Skyward Sword on the "Great Game" department....

    Write 26

    First Switch Games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2017

    Pretty much your list, just swap out Fifa and NBA2k17 for Xenoverse 2 and Sonic Mania...

    Write 84

    Should Nintendo release a handheld only pack for 199$

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 January 2017

    They'd have to reduce the price of the main one to $250 too though, cause even with how insanely overpriced the dock is, that would still make the handheld version + dock separately $10 cheaper than the normal version...

    Write 47

    My top 10 Wii U games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 January 2017

    For me it's, 1: Pokken Tournament 2: Xenoblade X 3: Splatoon 4: Hyrule Warriors 5: Smash U 6: Mario Kart 8 7: Pikmin 3 8: Super Mario Maker 9: Wind Waker HD 10: Super Marion 3D World ...

    Write 13

    Pokemon Sun Moon players really want Trubbish on GTS

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 December 2016

    Darwinianevolution said: t3mporary_126 said: Now I want a GTS stock market mini-game in future titles.  We need to buy mimikyu share! I've got a hunch they'll grow a lot next year! XD Actually, isn't there a stock market minigame already out? One that uses miis? I dunno bout one using Miis, but there's Fortune Street, which uses Mario and Dragon Quest...

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    If Mario Kart 8 Switch is an enhanced port, how much new content do you want?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 October 2016

    man, just stick in some decent battle stages and I'm sure everyone will be happy...

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    Do you think Daisy is a clone of Peach? (in Super Mario)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 September 2016

    Wait, how do people think they're similar at all. Isn't Peach portrayed as liek, super feminine while Daisy's a huge tomboy?...

    Write 28

    New Pokémon and Alola form leaked !

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 August 2016

    NoirSon said: Psht Raichu made to look as cutesy as the pre evolved forms. Watchu talkin bout, Alola Raichu is clearly WAY cuter than Pichu U:...

    Write 209

    Will Ash finally win a Pokemon League? *UPDATED OP: Finals over, the conclusion is...!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 July 2016

    You know, it's gonna be real funny if he does win, cause every poll I've seen is 2/3 no or more. Oh and I DO think he's gonna win! Although you just KNOW there's gonna be a bunch of "See, Kalos is so easy even Ash can beat it!" jokes if he wins....

    Write 166

    PoGo Nation: The Official Pokemon GO Thread! Raidz are a thing, Legendaries are coming soon! Raven caught his 10,000th Pidgey!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 July 2016

    I'm lv 17, seen 56 caught 54. And my strongest is a 1204 Flareon that's like, 400 stronger than my 2nd strongest XD oh and also Team Instinct :3...

    Write 66

    Vaporeon appearance in Central Park causes a stampede

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 July 2016

    You know, people mocked that first trailer cause there was no way that many people would be out in the streets to catch Mewtwo. And here we are, and turns out all it took was a Vaporeon V:...

    Write 36

    The First Five Games Of The Big Three You Can Think Of...

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2016

    Nintendo: Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Xenoblade Sony: Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, The Last of Us, God of War, Crash Bandicoot Microsoft: Halo, Forza...that's all I got, REALLY dunno any Microsoft games V:...

    Write 44

    In your honest opinion how long do you think Pokemon GO will last

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 July 2016

    That depends on what you mean by "last.' If we're talkin it bein mainstream everywhere, yeh prolly 4-6 months. But, assuming they get those updates out proper, I could see it being relevant for years at a lower scale....

    Write 7

    Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 July 2016

    BasilZero said: deskpro2k3 said: was it raining or about to rain?   It was a clear sunny day.   Also just caught a Staryu just now inside my house l0l   Sunny day again lol.   I think any Pokemon can be caught anywhere, but location and weather increase the chances of certain Pokemon poping up....

    Write 107

    The NX needs to be stopped!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2016

    Come on, the average console life is 5ish years. If NX comes out at the end of the year that will give the Wii U a solid 4 year life, only one year shorter than average. It ain't THAT big a deal....

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