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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - So now we have a Sonic game announced before a Mario game for a Nintendo new console...

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That is amazing to see footage before a Mario game footage.

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I lol'd (This is filler to make it look as though I'm not spamming, I really just don't have much else to add).

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To be fair, we know more about the new sonic than we know about Nintendo's new console. I think what Nintendo will do is have a direct sometime this fall-winter and possibly announce the NX. And when they do, they will have a bunch of first party and third party games being shown in order to build up hype and get people excited. I think announcing NX too early before the expected release would just kill the hype due to the amount of time people would have to wait so its better for them to announce it closer to its release.

So I think they are making the right choice assuming its actually not ready.


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SEGA went broke. They had no choice but set aside their rivalry with Nintendo.

I have no problem with it. I think it's actually really cool that they work together now. I wish more studios would do the same.

Well we know a SMM port is likely in the works so there's that...

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Nintendo is doomed...

BraLoD said:

Sonic, arguably (actually it's definitely, but let's open some space here) Mario's biggest rival, just had a game announced for a new Nintendo console before Mario did...
Not only they already starred together in games and Sonic got exclusive games for Nintendo platforms, but now we get to know Sonic before Mario for a new Nintendo system.

Was my entire life just a lie?

Don't act so silly. This game is announced for multiple platforms. Nintendo didn't time it this way.

BraLoD said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Don't act so silly. This game is announced for multiple platforms. Nintendo didn't time it this way.

First, all that's written there is true.

Second, I never said it was exclusive to Nintendo or Nintendo was involved, so learn how to read before calling other people silly.

Third, this thread really went over your head, but you are new here so I guess you just have to get used to humor threads.

Actually, I think I misunderstood that the new Sonic Mania is not the game you are talking about because it doesn't seem to be coming out for NX. So my humble apology!

Miyamoto said that they're working on a new Mario that they might (read: definitely will) talk about next E3. That being, this is an interesting thought. So Nintendo is doomed, right?

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That's because all Mario game development from now on has been moved to smartphones.