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What game would you want Sega to announce for Sonic?

Sonic the Hedgehog 5 25 12.89%
Sonic Adventure 3 60 30.93%
Sonic Exclusive for NX 30 15.46%
Sonic Multiplatform for (PS4/XboxOne) 32 16.49%
Sonic Generations/Colors Sequel 27 13.92%
Entirely new Sonic game p... 11 5.67%
Sonic Mobile Game, possibly Sonic Dash 3 8 4.12%
Sonic Exclusive for MH 1 0.52%
Azuren said:
There aren't enough poll options. Where's the option for "it'll be a trashy game no matter what"?

Since it's Sonic's 25th Anniversary, I'd like to keep it respectful for the icon hero.


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Anyone really excited for this?

Assyrian612 said:
AZWification said:

It's obviously a joke...... Sonic 06 is SA3. :(

Have faith my friend, Sega actually has been teasing Sonic Adventure 3 on thier twitter multiple times. References to hidden codes in lyrics, twitter messages,  and also Big the Cat Adventure 3 flash game site they made. I have a big feeling SA3 will be announced tomorrow!

Let's hope it's SA3! Colors and Generations were awesome games, but I kinda want more Sonic Adventure.

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I've known about this for awhile, the date was hidden in a Sonic twitter pic earlier this year. Can't wait for the announcement. There's alot of evidence pointing to Sonic Adventure 3. Early in this game's development, Knuckles rapper Hunnid-P said he'd be making new Knuckles music soon. Crush 40 has also hinted at new Sonic music. The Sonic twitter has been posting Sonic Adventure 3 hints for awhile. There have also been some rumors that there are 2 games in development, SA3 and a new digital 2D game.

BTW, this game has had nearly 5 years of development, it entered development after Generations released in 2011. Sonic Lost World was made by a secondary team, not the main team. So it's not some rushed, sloppy effort. This is the main team that made the fantastic Sonic Generations, and they've had nearly 5 years.

I'm excited! Been wanting a new actual sonic game by sonic team for a while now. I have faith that they can make a great game again. (As long as Sega truly learned their lesson and let's them finish...)


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Hopefully not. Let him rest in peace.

In this order, I would like;

Sonic Adventure 3
Sonic Generations 2
Sonic The Hedgehog 5

Generations, Colours and Lost World all ported.

Sonic, just die already.....

They aren't rushing it out just to make the anniversary so I have faith it'll be good. I'm personally hoping for Sonic Generations 2, though I don't think it would take this long if that's what it is.