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Ted Cruz given a speaking spot I'm guessing with the hope that he'd come around and change his mind, refused to give Trump an endorsement, urging votes to "vote their consience" instead. LOL. Trumpkins were angry and booed him off the stage. Craziness. 

Guess Cruz is hedging on a Trump defeat and eying a 2020 run. 

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He was forced to be on stage and endorse a man that disrespected his wife and his honor.

At least he kept some of his dignity (what little of it remains)

This election is such a cluster fuck

he shouldn't have taken to pledge to support the republican nominee if he wasn't going to do it. He was very aware Trump was there and leading in the polls from the start.

Cruz has no chance at winning the presidency, he is way too far to the right for a general election.

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I would respect him if I didn't think he was doing it solely for himself. This will help him when Trump loses and he tries to unseat Clinton in 2020. If he is the nominee in 2020, I will not be voting Republican. You can't hold the jobs of millions of Americans hostage with impunity. I will never vote for Cruz.

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Made me laugh. Might be the most disgraceful RNC I've ever seen.

I think people are kinda blowing his speech out of proportion, but it's obviously that he stuck by his guns and wasn't going to bend the knee like Bernie.

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The zodiac killer strikes again

Silly move even if he hates Trump.

No one will endorse him in 2020. Business rule the politicians. Who will fund his campaign when Trump tells his buddies not to give him cash.