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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ign Video producer gets angry at Harada Tekken

Well Id already started using IGN less and less, I think i'll stop using them all together now.

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Slimebeast said:

I just don't get it. How is it possible for a person to be so utterly white knight and hysterical? So utterly false and cheap in character.

This guy represents the scum of the gaming industry. The ease by which these leftist radicals have been able to infiltrate gaming, a form of entertainment that millions of people are passionate about, just amazes me. How they are allowed to enter and dictate what we are allowed to do in our hobby. Often by people who don't even like to play video games. And this trend, it has all just happened in a few years. We can all remember a time when these concepts, their definition of the problem and the terms they use, were unheard of. Now we are all aware. We are forced to be aware. It's happening so fast.

It's a dangerous development we're witnessing. The message and storytelling in games will be so restrained. Similar to mainstream media today where freedom of speech and the breadth of opinions is limited.

Gaming will largely be turned into a megaphone for the correct opinions and everything that is deemed "progressive" by the socialist establishment (i.e. brainwash). Quotas will be instituted and representation of minorities carefully monitored. All the ridiculous accusations of racism, sexism, chauvinism and discrimination we will constantly have to bear with. All the anxiousness by devs to not do anything that might upset these ruthless totalitarians. These hypocrites who pride themselves of being open minded and tolerant.

Some game developers are already hiring social rights groups to approve their own games!

Creative artistic expression is about to be sacrificed on the altar of cultural marxism.

I'm so disgusted and sad about this.

Great post! You're right this has all only been happening in the last few years. These justice warriors need to shut the F*** up and move the F*** on! seriously if you don't like what's happening in the game than play another game. 

i hate ign

People who follow this SJW movement into the gaming world knows that gaming site Kotaku is famous for having been overtaken by SJWs. Their editorial staff is now socially aware and outspokenly an agitator, and the site has become widely regarded as an important player to promote and spread these issues. Most SJW gamers proudly gather at that site and any opposing opinions are openly ridiculed and censored there.

Now, the brutal and confident way this IGN journalist Gav Murphy expressed himself about the Tekken producer suggests that there is a similar culture being built up within the IGN staff. I'm afraid it is so. And no matter that IGN is seen as laughing stock by many gamers for a multitude of reasons, it's nevertheless a powerful player in the industry. Sadly, it's clear that at least the big publishers respect the reviews and opinions of IGN and think they are very important.

Harada not wrong though. lol

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Wasn't it during GG that we found out there was a group of journalists that decided what news to report and what side to take (essentially creating the news), and part of this was the whole SJW movement to protect themselves and their friends?!

I'm just glad that Kind of Funny and Easy Allies left these groups and cut themselves from that toxic movement.

he's kind of right though, the censoring in the USA of any provocative female characters in these games is just silly. Especially when you're talking about M rated games in some cases. if a game is okay for the gamers in Japan/Europe then there should be no reason to get super sensitive in the USA. Its just gotten absurd, how dare anyone be sexualized at all in these games! but its okay for heads to be blown off

Well, I'm totally convinced. I can't argue with such an amazing rebuttal from Murphy. I think I might even be triggered since it was so convincing; I better start a GoFundMe and find a support group.

In all seriousness, I hope Harada and all of Bandai Namco's regional branches keep the content for release in all regions. I'm personally not a fan of sticking fighting characters in swimwear, but I strongly support the principles that consumers should have a choice regardless of their geographical location and language and that companies and creators shouldn't give in to whinging, demanding pricks on social media.

I don't really understand why he got mad at the tekken guy.

Slimebeast said:

Now, the brutal and confident way this IGN journalist Gav Murphy expressed himself about the Tekken producer suggests that there is a similar culture being built up within the IGN staff

It's not just IGN and it's not just journalistic websites either, forums like NeoGAF are another such place