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Most likely the wrong thing.

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1) Advertisements

2) Sometimes not being original isn't exactly bad

3) Fans won't care for Amiibo as long as they continue to give useless content.



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Faust said:
droughts are bad

The GameCube should've taught them that lesson. Haha

This is Nintendo. I don't expect them to learn from shit.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
Faust said:
droughts are bad

The GameCube should've taught them that lesson. Haha

And the N64! It's a lesson they should be familiar with.

But, I think they already knew that, and it was just too far out of their control.



The main lesson Nintendo should have learned with Wii U is that marketing strategies are very important. They're not Apple. No one will know or care about their products if they're not pushing brand recognition AND showing why people should want an NX. But it looks like some of their announcements of greater media co-operation and their mobile strategy shows they did learn this.

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Software droughts can be fixed my more 3rd Party Support. More 3rd Party Support can be fixed by better Hardware.

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  • More advertising
  • More Hype
  • Create more New IP's (Splattoon has proved it works)
  • More matire content
  • Free Online
  • More Storage
  • More third Party support
  • More Exclusive (Bayonetta type)
  • Old franchises return & in the right way
  • Expand they Nintendo Select line constantly
  • Better distribution and redistribuition
  • A price drop is mandatory for games with more time in the market !
  • Region free

That they have to watch what other developers and manufacturers are doing so they can implement improvements, innovations, and advancements that others have discovered quicker. Otherwise, you're doing a disservice to your customers and you're making your own product less attractive.

AbbathTheGrim said:

What are the things you expect Nintendo to have learned with the Wii U and therefore be amended when they release their next console?


1) Console name matters, dont have it be easily mistaken for a peripheral device for a previous console.

2) Launch titles make or break a console (this is depending on brand trust).

3) You cannot spend 100$ on the controller, in materials. (not when the others do it under 20$)

4) Game droughts, hurt perception of console.

5) Mario & zelda (new games, not ports or remastered) are needed for each new nintendo console to succede.

Ultrashroomz said:
Knowing Nintendo, nothing.

lol this.

They could be in a bubble and probably figuring out a worse thing to make than the gamepad.


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