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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Nier Automata Is Phenomenal

Dear God, that was incredible. Not sure what I liked the most, the music or the gameplay.
My only (slight) complaint is that it looks as if those attacks are not working at all.

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It looks phenomenal for sure. Of the games Platinum is working on, Nier looks the best by a good margin.

Platinum at it's best ^^

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Mar1217 said:
Platinum at it's best ^^

It's being worked on by a relatively inexperienced team though. I read that the main team (old generation) is working on Scalebound and other projects and that this game will be a test of sorts to the new generation.

This looks like a proper PG game and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Wow! I didn't know, i wanted this game so much!
The music *.*

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vivster said:
Neo or the PC port can't come soon enough.

Isnt this game a PS4 exclusive ? 

PlatinumGames when they're best. Great gameplay!

Enough with the Activision contracts resulting in rushed licensed games.


Apart from the 3 Activision games I simply love the team's track record.

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? Nier: Automata (PS4) 2017
? Scalebound (XB1) 2017

Gotta admit, Im completely impresed.As far as gameplay goes, this is extremely fluid and looks absolutely good.Just wish it didnt had the Nier name on it.Didnt play the first game and hate playing sequels without playing the first ones first.It will depend on how good this game is in the end

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Day frikkin 1. Looks amazing! Jrpg/hack&slash with shmup boss :D