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Forums - Sports Discussion - Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest of All Time" dies at 74

R.I.P, God Tier in the ring he was a heavyweight that moved and fought like a lightweight, was as political and inspiring outside of the ring as he was a force inside it.

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R.I.P :(

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R.I.P. Muhammed Ali

R.i.p ali. I dont think the will ever be another in boxing like him.

2016 is a bad year to be a living legend. RIP.

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zero129 said:
R.i.p ali. I dont think the will ever be another in boxing like him.

There will never be anyone like him period I don't think. 

Look at the "celebrities" we have to look up to. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. It's a freaking joke. 

A boxing legend with the purest heart. God bless his soul !

R.I.P. Cassius Clay.

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- George Orwell, ‘1984’

RIP to the GOAT.