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Forums - Sports Discussion - Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest of All Time" dies at 74

RIP. Been an awful year for celebrity deaths. 

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barneystinson69 said:

RIP. Been an awful year for celebrity deaths. 

This... all of this... all year....

Really sad at this, deaths been raising his head a bit this week, mate knocked down and killed on Tuesday too... shoo death... go pick on other people for a while.

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I respected him more for his off-the-arena character. Never watched boxing that much. He was a great role model. Unfortunately, those 3 last matches where he got pummeled may have been what triggered the Parkinson for him.

Oh well. At least he didn't get shot to death by a lunatic(like other African American role models). His legacy will forever be remembered.



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A great boxer but an even greater human being.

One of the best resumes in boxing history with wins over Archie Moore, Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Cleveland Williams, Ernie Terrell, Jerry Quarry, Joe Frazier, Jimmy Ellis, Ken Norton, George Foreman, Ron Lyle, Earnie Shavers.

The late 60s-mid 70s was by far the greatest era of heavyweight boxing, some of those fighters listed never held a title but could have been dominant champions had they fought in different eras.

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Greatest boxer of all time and arguably the greatest sportsman of all time. In addition he was a civil rights leader who helped transformed America into the great democratic nation it is today.