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Forums - Sports Discussion - What is your favourite sport?


favourite sport?

Football (soccer) 43 35.83%
American football 13 10.83%
Rugby union or league 1 0.83%
Golf 1 0.83%
ice hockey 13 10.83%
Basketball 9 7.50%
bat sports ( cricket or baseball etc) 7 5.83%
racquet ( tennis,badminton etc) 6 5.00%
combat (boxing,ufc,wrestling, etc) 12 10.00%
other 15 12.50%

Hockey: Go Wings
Unless WWE counts then that.

Football is pretty cool too. Go Ravens, Cowboys suck wangs.

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Rocket League
Used to play B'Ball growing up but I dont watch NBA coz fuck paying for Foxtel or League Pass.
Only sports I really watch now is Aussie Rules Football (AFL) or Cricket depending on the time of year. I'd watch more but they keep taking them off of Free TV (Netball, Basketball, F1 etc.)
Also Street Fighter, I only really watch when EVO is on but man is that shit awesome.
Oh and the occasional CS:GO, despite not playing the game my bro is quite a fan.

Slade6alpha said:
Hockey: Go Wings
Unless WWE counts then that.

Football is pretty cool too. Go Ravens, Cowboys suck wangs.


Thats like calling Bold and the Beautiful a sport

I love to watch motorcycling, specially the MotoGP championship (the three categories).

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Football to watch, Tennis to play. Baseball to get bored and fall asleep quickly o/

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Basketball (playing and watching)


Hockey, US Football, and women's curling, are about the only sports that i can watch. I used to like baseball and basketball, back in the 90's, but i grew bored of them, and stopped watching and caring about them.

Rocket League.

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Tennis. Love to watch, it's been a while since I played though.

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Soccer, as a spectator, that is... And track & field is great fun to watch as well, this is a good summer with both UEFA Euro and summer Olympics and I have a brand new, huge TV and a great sports streaming service installed!