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Forums - Sports Discussion - What is your favourite sport?


favourite sport?

Football (soccer) 43 35.83%
American football 13 10.83%
Rugby union or league 1 0.83%
Golf 1 0.83%
ice hockey 13 10.83%
Basketball 9 7.50%
bat sports ( cricket or baseball etc) 7 5.83%
racquet ( tennis,badminton etc) 6 5.00%
combat (boxing,ufc,wrestling, etc) 12 10.00%
other 15 12.50%

To watch: 1. Soccer 2. Tennis 3. Snooker 4. Darts 5. Biathlon

To do: 1. Table tennis 2. Tennis 3. Snowboarding 4. Skiing 5. Darts

E-Sports: 1. CS:GO 2. Halo 3. Maybe LoL but I almost only watch CS:GO and Halo

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For most of my life it has been Baseball, but MMA is tied now.


Simple. The best sport in the US.



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Football! I watch it of course, I don't play sports.

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Icehockey and football, but only if it's the World Cup or the European Championship.

Watching baseball.

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Tennis, I used to play it but not recently

GAA which are Irish sports.

There are 2 types under the association.

Gaelic football which is my favourite sport to play but hurling is the other and it's my favorite sport to watch.

A real man is wired to like all sports. just saying..